Another toasty/sweaty day on the Tennessee River

September 15

Another sweltering day on the flybridge of Whisky Business. We could run the boat in comfort driving from the lower helm in the saloon (remember, pronounced “salon”) with the AC running but visibility is not very good from that location. This boat is really designed to be operated from the flybridge. By 10 am we were sweating, by 11 we were still sweating, by noon we were really sweating and the continued forecast for the day was, you guessed it…


This is a selfie taken by my MAIN MAN JAMIE from Cuba Landing who so graciously gave Deb and I the homemade sausage and muscadine jelly. Ya can’t take a selfie for shit Jamie! In the lower left hand corner is the other great fella, Jerry who shared his ice cold Mich Ultra’s with us at Cuba Landing. These guys know how to roll! It appears they are having a blast. What a great community.

Below are some real pretty photo’s we took on our way up this beautiful river we hope you enjoy them.


Hmmm, looks a little shallow here or those birds are walking on water.


Volley ball on the beach! We almost stopped to punish those guys with our vaunted spiking abilities. Deb at 5′ and me at 5’7″ woulda CRUSHED all comers!!!


Entrance to Mermaid Marina, our original bogey for the night but nothing to see or do in this area.


So many cool homes on the river.


Looks like heaven!


Pretty serious dredging operation.


Finally civilization, downtown Clifton, Tennessee.

Actually a non eventful day other than the beauty of the river. That all changed once we got all snugged in at Clifton Marina. When folks find out you are doing the loop a really fun conversation ensues. We were talking to a group of people when a fellow comes over and introduces himself, Glen Lineberry. Lived on the river for 50+ years and is a fixture in the area as he has a boat repair shop. I had sent my training captains/friends Dave Heilman and Bob Shircliff a text telling them where we had stopped for the night. Captain Bob responds with a text, ” Ask them if Glen Lineberry is still alive. He was the guy who helped us when our shaft broke”. Bob and Pam had a propeller shaft break 7 or 8 years ago here when they did the loop.


I dunno, but he looks alive and well to us!


These fine people are Sonya, who runs the Clifton Marina and her assistant Gene Davidson who owns the marina. I suspect there is a little bit o’ that Maker’s Mark from the previous photo in that cup near Mr. Davidson’s right hand. The wine glass is filled with riesling for the lovely Ms. Sonya. Not a couple but it is obvious they are great friends.

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