Fuel Burn and Sun Burn

September 18

First fill up today since our stay at Green Turtle Bay in Western Kentucky. We have burned 130 gallons of diesel in the last 215 miles. That’s a smidgen better than 1.5 miles per gallon. BUT we ARE running upstream against significant currents. The sun is just so bright that the heat is pretty tough. Haven’t even wanted to drop the dinghy for a fast boat ride.

Before I go any further, I must post Debbie’s favorite photo that I overlooked in my last installment. The clouds look amazing while we are entering the chamber at Pickwick Locks and Dam.


Last night whilst we were enjoying a post prandial beverage we noticed our neighbor’s boat fender. Looks like it is growing longer. Nope, that’s a raccoon trying to get in this guys boat which was left wide open (stupid is as stupid does, momma said) .


These guys are vicious as hell so we did not mess with it.

Today we only traveled 10 miles to the Grand Harbor marina. Just too damn hot. Had to mail a letter to the IRS so one of the guys in the marina gave me a ride to the office and there was an owl in a large cage. Pickwick Lake State Park has a small aviary with injured red-tailed hawks and a great horned owl.


Went to a local Mexican restaurant for dinner and God bless ’em, frosty beer mugs!

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