Fun and games with the Cassaro’s

October 10

Our friends Matt and Rene drove down to Chattanooga to join us on Whisky Business for the trip back down river to Joe Wheeler State Park. Intrepid travelers those Cassaro’s. Joining us for the 200 mile trip back at 10 mph. Veritably screaming down the river now that we have the current at our backs. Just can’t get over the beauty of the river. Enjoy these pics:

Coouldn’t help but think of “Smoke on the water” by Deep Purple when Debbie took this pic.

Water was like a mirror all day long. Quite overcast but very comfortable.

Found the anchorage where we stayed on our way upriver a few weeks ago and stopped here again.

First round of cocktails after securing the boat at anchor.

Made the best Bloody Mary’s ever. Saw this BM mix in a bar in a airport in Hawaii. Could not find it anywhere. Not gonna tell ya how I got it. Yer not gonna find it. I know a guy…

Nobody knows how to pack a cooler like my buddy Matt!

And do they know how to cook!!!

For dinner, bow tie pasta and Italian sausage, garlic bread and a decent bottle of red wine. And for dessert? Champagne of course!

AND MOON PIES!!! Proudly made in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Been listening to weather reports all day about Hurracane Michael. Just heard the municipal marina in Panama City is destroyed. Our concern is this is an area we have to traverse in order to get to our jumping off point to cross the Gulf of Mexico at the “armpit” of Florida. Not sure at this time what we can expect so we reserved a slip in a marina in Demopolis, Alabama for the months of November and December. Got all those folks down there in our prayers, yours too hopefully.

2 thoughts on “Fun and games with the Cassaro’s”

  1. Love your pictures. Enjoy those Moon Pies and have a drink for me!
    Not sure if our family trip is still on after Michael went through. Waiting to hear back from the VRBO owner tomorrow.
    You all be careful.


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