Finally, the Rendevous!

October 14

For the last few days we and the Cassaro’s have been motoring back down the Tennessee River on our way to Joe Wheeler State Park in Rogersville, Alabama. Beautiful scenery, very good weather and all went to plan.


The above photo is the the Riverwalk marina in Decatur, Alabama. If your only requirements are to be tied up for the night with shore power, at 75 cents a foot, it’s a bargain ($34.20 per night for our boat). The only “facilities” was a bathroom that I would not enter without a hazmat suit and a 5000 psi power washer. What is not shown in the photo is the covered slips on the left side of the photo having been destroyed 6 months ago by a micro tornado that hit the area.

Had some expert help at the helm yesterday. When I needed a break Captain Rene took over. Notice the splendid Captains hat she is sporting.


During our cruise yesterday Matt was able to stream the U of L – Boston College game. When I turned from the helm it appeared America’s Team was not doing so well.


Debbie’s frowning,

Matt’s scowling,

And Rene is just too damn cute to let a football game get under her skin.

This is Painted Bluff. I am sure I included a photo on our trip upriver a few weeks ago, but so darn cool had to do it again.


This is a dear old friend who I sadly learned departed this earth yesterday way too young. Back in the mid 80’s when Deano and his dad bought the Equus Restaurant in Saint Matthews, I always enjoyed calling on him in my days as a wine salesman. In later years we did the Secrets of Louisville Chefs Live show together and had a million laughs. We did those shows live with no retakes. Such a hoot. Prayers go out to Julie and the 3 boys Dean leaves behind.

Yesterday we arrive at Joe Wheeler State Park, back WB into her slip and a couple of fellow Loopers come out to give us a hand tying up. There are a lot of lines on a boat this size and fortunately they are always too long.

What to do with the extra line?

One boat neighbor wrapped it this way


Another boat neighbor arranged the lines thusly


This is how Captain Dave taught me to wrap my extra line


And this is how Captain Bob taught me to wrap extra line…


Wonder how long it’ll take Cap’n Bob to find and shoot me!

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