Felt like a Marathon

April 13

First things first. We love sunsets and sunrises. Check out this sunrise over Fort Myers from Thursday morning.

Can’t believe I failed to add this to that post.

Woke up to a beautiful morning in a drop dead beautiful anchorage that we shared with 2 other boats. Very little wind as this Little Shark River anchorage is really well protected. Got out into the gulf and where did that damn wind come from? Only a 40 mile run to Marathon Key so no big deal. Ran into 3 and 4 foot seas that were forecasted as 1-1.5 foot seas. Lasted 3 hours till we got within 12 miles of Marathon. Oh, THERE are those 1 foot waves I heard about.

Here by noon and this marina is beautiful. Marble in the baths and showers. New concrete docks. Workout room, game room, coffee in the morning. HEck we can even bring our own cocktails in the bar. Everything is 5 star. Marlin Bay Yacht Club welcomed us with open arms.

Take a look at the pool…

I bet Deb is checking for that blue stuff…

Beautiful spot and right outside the gates…

Yup, trailer park.

Next to the trailer park is a company that builds those pesky darn crab traps. And lots of ’em.

Debs first beer on Marathon.

Take a look at our lunch check at the Overseas bar. Debbie’s Mich Ultra is cheaper than my iced tea?

Place also had a liquor store. Can’t stay out of ’em. WTH! Strawberry flavored gin? Bet this stuff will make you pray.

“Thank you God for making porcelain cold”

Whenever I am in Punta Gorda I always go to the Habitat for Humanity retail store as there are usually some interesting finds. Enjoy dropping off a 20 even when I don’t buy anything. Last trip I found this nifty pair of pliers.

View west from our dock.

Beautiful sunset

Please forgive my pudgy digit. Time lapse video of a sunset.

2 thoughts on “Felt like a Marathon”

  1. Beautiful, we are in Antwerp, Belgium enjoying the Old Town and Grote Market area on a misguided adventure I came across a lovely marina. Tried to visualize it through your eyes. Some of the vessels quite impressive, the marina itself right in the center of the business district. Took a couple of pictures with a camera I will send later. Enjoying the Rhine cruise, but so far the scenery not as pleasing as the Danube. We are leaving this afternoon and moving towards the Netherlands expecting beautiful tulips around Amsterdam.


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