Ya know yer in Fort Lauderdale when…

April 20

Left Key Largo at 8 AM sharp hoping to get to Fort Lauderdale. So much boat traffic on Biscayne Bay we ended up running 10 hours. We had to wait 20 minutes on two occasions for bridges to open.

You know you are in Fort Lauderdale when you see a boat so large Whisky Business could be the tender. Like this one

But then along came this one

And then this one

Oh hell, then we passed this guy

This “tender’ has over $130,000 just in engines hanging off the stern. It is the dinghy for the boat in the above photo.

And check out this guy. A panel opens in the side of the boat for the jet ski’s There is so much money in this area it is just staggering.

And then there are the condo’s

And the HOMES

The above seemed to be empty, maybe I could get a deal…

Fort Lauderdale is a huge party town. We passed this area where there had to be literally a thousand boats partying. Reminds me of a place in Indiana called Seven Springs.

WOW, this area is just crazy. Cruise ships, Container vessels…

Look at the water slide on the cruise ship, unbelievable!

This Great Loop thing is a blast! Trip of a lifetime. But…

Back home lots of stuff going on that Deb and I really miss.

St. Alberts Fish Fry

Sliders with my friends and mentors at Kentuckiana Yacht Services

Uncle Bobby’s ribs

Easter dinner with family. Great photo but missing Nick cuz he’s at work. The RIB MASTER Uncle Bobby is to the left of the handsome lad in the black T shirt.

These folks are a lovely couple who Debbie and I met when we owned Party Mart. Rudy and Tina Volz. When Debbie had to leave the boat back in October they happened to be at Joe Wheeler State Park in Alabama while I was still there with WB. I was remiss in not including them (‘specially Rudy, he being a delicate butterfly) in this august blog. Funny thing, they are in Key West and we were there last week. Sorry we missed ya guys!

We sure do miss all of our buds back home.

Couple more photos we took that you may find entertaining.

Easter dinner at Casablanca Cafe.

Followed by dessert on WB.

6 thoughts on “Ya know yer in Fort Lauderdale when…”

  1. Looks like the party cove but the bathing suits are smaller!

    You have been humbled by the big boy boats, shake it off and get back to reality.


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