Blast Off!

April 26 & 27

Got out of Fort Pierce at 7 AM sharp on Friday. Running through Cape Canaveral to Titusville, home of NASA’s space launches. There is a launch scheduled for Monday morning but can’t wait for it. Really want to catch up with the fleet of ’19 Loopers. Yesterday was 101 miles and today 80. Should be in our slip at Titusville Marina by 3:30. Time to see the area.

In the photo below there is a red marker on the left and a much harder to see green marker on the right. It would have been quite easy to bear left at this waterway intersection. Right into 3 feet of water. WB sits 4’6″ into the water. The channel goes to the right. Showed up just fine on the chartplotter.

Lovely home

Captain Bill, in his warm soft shirt. Only 3 people will get this.

Since coming to Florida 7 years ago Debbie and I have seen lots of manatees in Burnt Store marina. One of nature’s most lacadasical creatures. Not this guy, he was really active.

Traveling at 9 MPH is kinda like watching paint dry. Glad to have a CD player.

Passing Cape Canaveral. Image is pretty fuzzy but this is one of those large buildings with the big blue NASA insignia on the right side. There was a launch scheduled for Monday but Bill and I really need to get the boat north.

This is how our Saturday started. We left the marina in Titusville before sunrise and by the time we got on the ICW, this is what we were greeted with.

On the west coast of Florida you get to enjoy sunsets. East Coast, sunrises Awfully darn early though. This is a railroad bridge that stays open and services Cape Canaveral.

Some interesting photos on the way through New Smyrna Beach and Daytona Beach

Derelict sailboat

Most of these boats are abandoned.

Is that Forest’s boat below?

Huge expanses of water all over Florida and at low tide the bottom is exposed.

New bridge construction

Derelict boats everywhere. Back when boats were made out of wood or even steel you would just burn the wood or recycle the steel. Fiberglass boats? Fiberglass is forever.

Whisky Business produces quite the wake. These kids were having a ball

Ever since we got the boat to Florida the water has been that real pretty aquamarine color. On the Indian River it’s brown. WB is growing another “mustache”.

Fun photo’s

On Firday night in Titusville we went to Dixie Crossroads for dinner. Probably the best fried fish sandwich I ever had. But the killer was the free appetizer…Deep fried hushpuppies with loads of powdered sugar.

Made it to St. Augustine on Saturday after another long run of 88 miles. In a car 88 miles is no big deal. On a boat running 9 mph and as slow as 6 mph in no wake zones 88 miles is a long day. We began at 6:40 and arrived at St. Augustine Municipal Marina at just after 6pm. Me and Juan Ponce de Leon.

Sunday is gonna be a day of rest in St. Augustine. Lots to see here.

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