Runnin’ through North Carolina

May 17 & 18

Left New Bern yesterday on a receding tide to take advantage of a little push with the current. Ran about 70 miles and stopped along the way for fuel.

Interesting side note. In the photo below our friends John and Debbie are tied up waiting for their turn for fuel. The boat behind them is Blessing, currently taking on fuel. When the captain of Blessing was boarding after fueling he looked over at us (we had to remain on station in the waterway waiting for space at the fuel dock) and asked if we were in Chattanooga in September. Said it took him 9 months to catch up with us! HA! They were in the same marina with us. Just another little anecdote that makes this Great Loop adventure so darn much fun.

Not quite a true “Jennie” (Forest Gump reference for those of you living in a cave for the past 10 years) but a fishing boat nevertheless.

Our United States Coast Guard hard at it.

A brief video of our anchorage in Belhaven. There is another Looper here that you can see in the first few frames of this video. Did not notice the name of the boat when we pulled in. Debbie noticed the AGLCA burgee on his bow.

I have mentioned this great APP called NEBO before. Actually the real name is “Nebo-boat logging made easy” Great App in that it tracks us in real time on a satellite view backround, as long as there is cell service. In this image you can see where we lost cell service for a spell. You can also see where the line changes to yellow. That is where we increased our speed to blow out the turbo’s and then again to cross the Pamlico River, which was more like a bay. This is a great app to download if you want to follow WB in realtime. You’d have to be pretty bored though…

Sunset Thursday evening

Sunrise Friday morning

Left our anchorage in Belhaven, NC this morning via a narrow channel. We were pretty close to these docks.

Dramatic scenery change

Beautiful home in the middle of nowhere on the Pongo River.

Old bridge…

New bridge…

Free ride

The flies here are bloody HUGE.

This is Cheeto. Cheeto belongs to John and Debbie Neal on Saltaire. A couple of those flies tried to carry Cheeto off their boat.

Great time lapse video of our approaching and passingthrough a swing bridge and then entering Alligator River Marina. After getting tied up at the dock I forgot to turn the Ipad off. Still, it’s less than 40 seconds long.

3 thoughts on “Runnin’ through North Carolina”

  1. Again, I really think you need to add a Yakety Sax music track to all you time lapse videos.

    Save travels!


  2. Good to see you and Debbie are doing well. Hope that we will see you while you are home in June, if not maybe we can come jump on the boat for awhile. Take Care. Hope to see you soon.


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