Searching for the perfect crabcakes

June 5 & 6

Anchored near the Patuxent Naval Air Station last night. We slept in a bit this morning and were enjoying our coffee on the flybridge when we hear the “Call to Post” (same as you would hear at the Kentucky Derby) coming from the loudspeaker mounted on top of the white pole on the left side of the building in the photo below. Being from Kentucky it was a rather cool greeting to the morning. Five minutes later the national anthem was played. Hats off, standing with our hands over our hearts.

Terrible photo of a lighthouse.

Cove Point Liquid Natural Gas receiving station.

In big water tugs pull barges as opposed to what we are used to seeing on the rivers.

Wind and wave action were a bit of an issue this morning. In the short video below you can see white caps making for a bit of a bumpy ride. Winds were blowing from the west to the east.

Got a bit closer to shore with the land blocking a lot of the wind and the wave action decreased dramatically.

Second nuclear power plant we have seen since we saw one in Tennessee.

Car carrier

Whisky Business safely tied up in Annapolis. Getting a really good boat wash tomorrow. Just look at that mustache.

Tomorrow is here. No more mustache!!!

My dock neighbors, a 250 foot Feadship (pronounced fed ship) on the right. A 125 foot Feadship behnd it and another 125 foot Feadship on the left. Whisky Business does have the same gangway as the 125 footer on the left. The boat on the left holds 6,000 gallons of fuel. I almost fainted when I took on 350 gallons today.

Over and over I heard about Chick & Ruth’s Delly. Went for breakfast. Great fun and the staff is awesome.

These muffins were about as big as my head.

Logo on the staff’s shirts. Luvit!

Stopped in this little shop to get a photo of a guitar themed shirt to send to my rock star buddy in San Francisco, Tim Dam. Hey Tim, how many Rickenbacker’s do you see?

Saw this greeting card

For all you dog lovers.

Got back to the boat and really had to pee. Couldn’t wait to get to the bathroom on the boat so I ran out to the bow. Didn’t think anyone would mind…


Main drag in Annapolis

State House

These fine folks are Kurt and Deborah Kristmann on board Honey Badger. If that boat name does not ring a bell, a few years ago there was a viral video on You Tube by the same name. If you haven’t seen it, view it. Too funny.

Having Honey Badger’s mustache removed on Friday.

This afternoon another Looper boat, Parrot Bay came in with Captain Mike Boynton and Patty Boynton on board. So much fun to meet up with other Loopers! Tomorrow morning Dave and I will make the 30ish mile run to Baltimore where he will depart from on Saturday and Debbie comes in on Sunday. Probably spend Monday in Baltimore and then make our way to the C & D (Chesapeake & Delaware) canal where we will stage for the 2 or 3 day 140 mile run in the Atlantic Ocean up to New York.

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