Cooling our heels & keels in Delaware City

June 13

Ran from Baltimore to Chesapeake City at the top of the Chesapeake Bay on Tuesday. This is the Chesapeake City Marina and WB is on the left side of the photo.

Before we left this quaint little town we strolled around the main drag looking in some of the shops.

Found this in one of the shops. They even spelled WHISKY correctly! Manhattan smellin’ soap!

Left Chesapeake City to make the 12 mile crossing of the C & D (Chesapeake and Delaware) Canal on Wednesday afternoon just after low tide. The tide was coming in from behind us and it gave us a really nice push. With the engines set at 1200 RPM’s we were going 9.6 MPH. By the time we got to the end of the canal we were going over 11 MPH thanks to the push from the incoming tide. Couple of photo’s along the canal.


Nuclear power plant. Deb and I are watching Chernobyl. Oi!


Arrived Delaware City Marina just after 3PM and took a walk around town.

Would have liked to have met these folks.

Kinda surprised to see a Confederate flag in Delaware. See the yellow sticker on the door? See next photo.

Restaurant called Crabby Dick’s We missed bingo last night.

We received this card for a free pair of Crab Balls at Crabby Dick’s. I’m gonna let you fill in the rest…

There are a handful of Harbor Hosts on the AGLCA forum who constantly give local advice and assistance to Loopers. Fellow to my left is Foster Schucker who is the Harbor Host for this area. Right side of the photo is Julie Schaefer from Here’s an Idea (she’e the gal who told me my guns/biceps looked like bird poop on a power line) Nice guy but I had to straighten him out on a rather important issue. Foster is an outspoken proponent of Canadian butter tarts. Poor fella had never had a Kern’s Kitchen Derby Pie. Debbie picked one up and packed it to Baltimore and we gave it to him last night. Along with a dollop of Pappy 15 year.

Told ya. This gal is a scream! Read her top. And Milton is such a splendid fellow!

Since Debbie and I procured Whisky Business we have been constantly making upgrades to the boat. When WB was built she did not have an inverter or bank of inverter batteries which is reeeeaaalllly heavy and they are placed on the starboard side of the boat. The previous owner had the system installed in 2013. The system includes 5 very heavy batteries that sit on the right side of the engine room. Notice in the photo below that WB tilts or lists to the right. I am thinking that is because of the weight of the batteries. Not really that big of a deal. Except…

A side effect of that tilt or list is water collects in the rail of the sliding window on the left side of the boat and leaks in. Instead of the water falling straight down to the deck it catches on the window and runs down the window.Look how it has stained the woodwork.

This is a photo of the window where the water is leaking in. Kinda hard to make out as the deck is reflected in the glass. Since the boat is tilting, when it rains the water hits the window and collects in the rail and leaks in. If the boat were not listing the water would fall straight to the deck. I ran a 3″ wide piece of vinyl tape across the bottom of the window to keep the water from collecting there until I can find a more appropriate solution. At least it’s not Kentucky Chrome (duct tape) right?

At least you can’t see it with the windscreen back on.

Pretty gloomy and rainy day here in Deleware City and quite cool at night, in the upper 50’s. We had heard about a really good briefing at this marina put on by the owner, fella by the name of Tim. Great info. We would have left here Friday morning and the winds in the LOWER part of the bay would have created waves in the 7′ – 10′ range. Matter of fact, a couple on a 40 Trojan (great boat) from Michigan tried on Wednesday and had to call the Coast Guard to plow the waves in front of them so they could get back to smoother waters in the upper part of the bay. Couldn’t see the big seas until it was too late. A 5AM Saturday departure looks good at this point but we will then be held up in Cape May until we can make the run in the Atlantic up to Atlantic City or maybe New York which would make for a long, fast, fuel eatin’ day.

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