Saw this really Pretty Lady

June 19 & 20

Pictures just do not do Lady Liberty justice. Debbie and I were quite moved when we slowly cruised in front of her. The other Loopers with us all said the same thing. Really a sight to behold.

We took a bunch of photo’s of Manhattan. Tried to select the better ones. We had a pretty low ceiling so could not see the top of many of the sky scrapers.

This is the Verazanno Narrows bridge as we entered the Hudson river. Back in the day, I ran 3 New York Marathons and they all started on this bridge.

You can see WB in the lower portion of this picture. This area got really busy with ferry boats, tour boats and work boats.

Poor visibility means use the radar. You can see the 2 red spots in front of us that we were closing on (our radar has a doplar feature so if a target is getting closer to us it shows up red. The top two targets were moving faster so they were green. WB is located in the center of the screen. See the 2 red areas that form an upside down “V”? That is our wake. When dialed in close our radar even picks up the waves we make.

On the left side of the photo you can see the new World Trade Center but the low clouds and fog obscure the top.

The other Colgate clock.

Another shot of the bottom of the World Trade Center.

One of the great things about New York is the bagels. Never duplicated. Best anywhere.

Such a gloomy day yesterday. Needed some comfort food. Debbie fired up the butane cooktop while we were underway and made grilled cheese sammich’s

Oh yeah, Jalapeno chips too.

Lots of photo’s passing through Manhattan

Top Golf in Manhattan???

Couple cool photo’s of the Tappan Zee Bridge.

This iconic bridge is the George Washington Bridge. When we were kids mom and dad would pile all 6 of us in a car with no airconditioning in June and we would drive for 2 days to Providence, Rhode Island for vacation. This was before interstates. On the second day we would cross this bridge and at that time we knew we were getting close. So I sent this picture to my brother and sisters and they couldn’t name it. So disappointing…

We cruised 58 miles on Wednesday to Half Moon Bay Marina.

Finished the day with 3 other Looper boats. Lot of dirty water dissappeared that night.

Thursday morning we departed Half Moon Bay for Kingston with a fuel stop first. Took on 200 gallons. Another gloomy overcast day with low clouds.

Looks a lot like the Tennessee River through this part of the Hudson. This is an uncontrolled river. No locks or dams so it is still subject to tides and currents from the Atlantic. Leave the dock on a rising tide and get a 2 MPH boost in speed.

Amtrak with a lot of cars.

Another artistic rendition of a bridge.

This is a sailboat with the mast “stepped”. On the inland rivers with their low bridge heights sailboaters will remove their masts. Some ship them south to have them reinstalled. Some, like this fellow will take their mast with them.

A walking bridge over the Hudson in Poughkeepsie, NY. This is a really long bridge.

Today as we approached Kingston, NY we passed the 5000 mile mark at these GPS coordinates

This lighthouse marks the entrance to the Kingston City Docks.

Debbie said she wanted a bigger boat. Bet I could get a deal on this one.

Whisky Business, Here’s an Idea and Carried Away.

Milton Schaefer on Here’s an Idea was a Navy SeaBee. The SeaBees are the construction arm of the naval armed forces. CB or SeaBees comes from the name Construction Battalion.

Nice little town.

Leave it to Deb to find the local dive.

We owned this place!

Had to send this to Julian and Preston Van Winkle. The story of Rip Van Winkle originated in the Catskills area of New York state.

Might stay here another day…

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