And a new adventure begins!

June 24

Video below is Whisky Business entering the first lock on the Erie Canal (Lock 2). I wanted to video the first 5 locks over the stretch of 2 miles that would lift us 169 feet. Turned out the lockmaster for Lock 5 didn’t show for work so the Lock 3 lockmaster had to operate #5 while we waited for him to return to let us into #3.

This video is of the next 4 locks in rapid succession. Unlike the rivers, these locks do not cater to large commercial vessels. In lieu of bollards that a barge or boat would tie up to in the lock, there are ropes or cables that hang down the wall and you simply grab on to a couple of them as your boat rises in the chamber.

WB entering a lock. We never knew which side of a lock we would be told to tie up to so we placed our big boy fenders on each side. The largest set of fenders we have are the big orange ones you see on the stern. I place the largest fenders there so as we pull away from a lock wall our extended swim platform doesn’t hit the wall.

Debbie holding us in place.

One of our friendly Lockmasters.

Parts of the Erie Canal are actually the Mohawk River. Reminds us of the Tennessee River.

No mushroom clouds evident.

Approaching a lock and dam. Very turbulent water coming over the dam. When approaching the lock you had to have a bit of speed so the turbulence would not get a hold on the boat and put it on the rocks.

Tonight we are tied up on a wall on the Erie at Amsterdam, NY. Showers and thunderstorms are in the forecast tomorrow so we may stay here a day. This wall is pretty high. At first we were getting off the boat from the swim platform but a short time later we moved the boat to position the ladder at our deck area.

Late on Tuesday morning our friends John and Debbie Neal onboard Saltaire showed up. In tow they had their niece and her two children. Great family! Day started off pretty gloomy so we started with bloody mary’s, dominoes, euker and other games until Nap O’Clock. Took a walk to the local Dollar General for a grill and charcoal.

Saw this waterfall.

Had a pot luck dinner with all of our favorite Loopers. Missing from the photo is Milton from Here’s an Idea. He is always the photographer. I don’t think he wants his image in any photo. Maybe he’s in the witness protection program???

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