September 13 – 16

Debbie had sent some great images yesterday during their stay Mackinac Island that I missed. Added them below.

Another lighthouse.


Fog rolling in curtailing travel for the day. Hence the stop on Mackinac Island. One of the fast ferries running between the Mackinac Island and Mackinaw City. These things really move along and ya better not get in their way cuz they will “T Bone” ya!


A view of the 26,372 foot long Mackinac Bridge.


View of the bridge on a clear day.


When fog rolls in in this area, best to get the boat to a safe place to avoid the ferries and other boaters who just don’t play it as safe as they should.


More fog!


Look closely at the photo below. Can you see the horse drawn buggies. On Mackinac Island there are no motorized vehicles. Not even battery powered golf carts. All manner of goods, services and people are shuttled around by horse power. A friend and former supplier of mine from the liquor store days, Preston Van Winkle of the great Van Winkle bourbon family ‘splained getting around on Mackinac Island one day. The Van Winkle family summers on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and has spent a lot of time on Mackinac Island. A few years ago Debbie and I spent a couple of weeks touring the towns along the coast of Lake Michigan with Dave and Sue all the way up to, and including Mackinac Island. Preston was in the store one day and I lamented to him how disappointed I was that we didn’t rent bicycles to get around and see all the island had to offer. He laughed and told me to never, never, never rent a bicycle to get around on that island. Rains a lot up there. Days that have nothing but sun in the forecast? Pop up shower will come through. Imagine being on a bike when one of those showers come through. You stop and wait for it to end. Then you proceed on your bike when the shower stops. What do you think is running down the streets? RIGHT! You guessed it, WATER! Problem is, that water is carrying a LOT of horse manure with it. Your bike tires are spraying it up in your face, on your back and now you are a wee bit “aromatic” shall we say? Right, then you get back on the ferry with all the other tourists to get back to Mackinaw City.


Can’t even see the whole bridge!


Jeez, more fudge…


The title of this installment was Adendum(my). As in dummy. That would be me. This past Friday our daughter enlisted me to babysit their 6 month old Lab named Mack, (I call him Meat Head, cuz he is.) after U of L’s new basketball coach Chris Mack. Being a good dad and having nothing else to do I agreed.

Big mistake. Sweet looking dog, right?


Every time I turned my head, Meat Head would grab the TV remote in his slobbery mouth and take off with it. I am not moving so fast these days after getting my back cut. I had a helluva time getting the remote from him on the 100 occasions that he would grab it. Oh yeah, then I had the bright idea of taking him for a walk. Debbie and Haley both warned me no to do this, but I am a bright guy. Here is where dum(my) came to pass. That dog pulls like a freight train. Had to strain a bit (a lot!) to hold on to him. Needless to say it was a short walk.


Kinda identifies with Forrest Gump.


Such a diva!


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