As God as my witness, I’ll never be cold again!

October 11 – 13

Scarlett O’Hara’s famous last words in Gone With the Wind came to mind this morning when  we got up and checked the weather. Last November and December when Whisky Business was making it’s way down the Ten Tom waterway and across the Florida panhandle I swore I would never be cold on a boat again. Never say Never.


We drove to Hammond, Indiana on Friday and watched the temp drop the whole way up here. My wife Nanook the Eskimo with her cart of provisions on her way to WB which is waaaaay out on U dock. Fifteen MPH winds froze us to the core. Fortunately the AC/heating system on WB is keeping us warm and toasty.


Some weeks back the backup camera on  WB ceased to work. Man I really missed it. Backing this 15’ wide boat into a slip that is only 15’ to 16’ wide is a snap with that camera. Backing into a slip also makes getting on and off the boat using the swim platform much easier. Last few marina’s we were in I used the excuse of my poor back to pull bow in so Debbie would not have to carry the heavy 50’ power cord all the way to the back of the boat. No more excuses. Downloaded an update and VOILA!


Once we got all of the provisions in their proper places it was bubble time. I swear when Debbie is on the boat I don’t know if we use more diesel fuel or Champagne. At a stop in New York we had to “settle” for a case of Veuve Cliccquot as Taittinger was not available at that particular Costco.


While home we reloaded on the beverage that makes ya run faster and jump higher! Makes me even more handsome! Hard to believe, I know…


And one of those beauties made it’s way to Whisky Business.


Directly adjacent to the marina is a Horseshoe casino. Steve and Carol Smith from Valentine had some BOGO cards (buy one get one) which allowed us to have a coupla really nice New York strips for the price of one. Yes, that’s Debbie holding an EMPTY Manhattan glass. With proper instructions the bartenders along the Great Loop have made some superb Manhattans. Steve and Carol were drinking Dewar’s. That’s Scotch. Really? I swear, I have tried to show them the light with God’s own Dirty Water (that would be Bourbon) to no avail. Love ‘em anyway.


Came over Saturday night for a coupla rounds of Left, Right, Center. After taking all of their laundry quarters we switched to dominoes.


A smart boat captain always pays attention to the other captains as there is always something new to learn. One lesson I learned while traveling with Sam and Rev Crouse on Here’s to Us was Waffles and Bacon on Sunday morning!


What was supposed to be a planning meeting for the 45 mile run to Joliet, Illinois tomorrow turned out to be another episode of “Docktails” onboard Shoreline Traveler. There were 9 boats represented by their Captains and Admirals. Couldn’t get everyone in a photo so a video was selected.

Wheels up at 7:30 in the AM. Frost is in the forecast…

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