The Mighty Mississippi

October 20

The last day on the Illinois showcased what a beautiful river it is. Following are some pretty pics.

Debbie shot this photo of our wake on a glass like river.

The next 3 photos are of a lock we went through or rather we went over. Water is so high we were instructed to just proceed over the lock doors!

Really starting to see some color in the foilage.

Love those shots where the shoreline and sky are duplicated by calm water. Until our 46,000 lb. boat screws it all up!

Had to have the bridge operator open up for us.

The waterway on the left of the MFD (Multi Function Display) is the Illinois. On the right, the Big ‘ol Mississippi.

This is Grafton, Illinois. About 80 miles from our starting point for the day. We decided to run 25 more miles to Alton as Monday was not to be a very good weather day.

If you look closely you can see the bottom of the flag pole is under water. We have been in high water ever since we got to the Hudson River. All along the Erie Canal, through the Lakes and still on the Mississippi. Where the heck is all this water coming from?

We ran down the Illinois at 11.5 – 12 MPH. At an engine setting of 1300 RPM’s we would run around 10 MPH. Once we got to the Mississippi we hit 14 MPH! Cannot imagine running against this current.

Great candid shot of Debbie’s thumb! Photogenic as hell that girl!

The cliffs alongside the Mississippi are awesome! Reminds us of the beautiful Tennessee River.

Notice how the cliff walls jut out to the river?

After almost 9 hours underway we hit 100 miles for the day.

Setting sun…

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