Cuba Landing to Clifton

October 14

Overlook of the Tennessee from Clifton.
Absolutely beautiful travel day albeit a little slow. the closer we get to the Pickwick dam the current picks up. We are making turns for 9.5 mph but sometimes we are moving as slow as 7.5 mph.
Check these out. Saw these things at Paris Landing. Found out they are a sort of jellyfish egg sack.
Great day on the river, check out these photo’s:
Dredge. The barge on the left has a device on board that sucks up sand or mud from the bottom and transports it to the barge on the right. It’s done for a couple of reasons, either to deepen a waterway or to harvest the material from the bottom.
Since we are dink-less I took this photo from the aft deck hardtop where we would keep the dinghy. Odd little sucker on the right is our windfinder. When docking this baby tells me where the wind is coming from and how hard it’s blowing.
From the hardtop looking aft (back).
Look how flat the water was when we left Cuba Landing.
Saw some really cool hacienda’s along the way. OK, there wasn’t a double wide to be seen…

Such a beautiful river. After we finish cruising with Whisky Business I would love to get a go-fast boat with a small sleeping compartment that we could truck to different rivers…and go a LOT faster than 9 mph!
Downtown Clifton. The only place in this town to get a beer or drink is at the marina. Downtown consisted of 1 block. This is what a Wal Mart does to a small town. Not even a restaurant.
Tennessee River from overlook in Clifton.
I’ll close with this video.

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