Happy Thanksgiving All!

Novembr 14

Having waited for almost 2 weeks in Demopolis we made it to The Wharf in Orange Beach, Alabama. Just to sit and wait for the whacky Hurricane Eta.

The forecasted path of Eta was to head right for us. Like we had a target on Whisky Business.
Proof that God answers my prayers. Eta veered to the east…and headed right for Punta Gorda, our Florida home. Proof that God has a sense of humor too!
Always be careful for what you wish/pray for!
Fortunately just a lot of wind and rain and our condo survived with no damage.

To while away the time spent in the marina, Deb and I rented a car and visited Fairhope, Alabama and spent a couple days in Pensacola at a great little B & B, The Lee House. Great spot. Fortunately/unfortunately we were there for Veterans Day. Unfortunately because all of the Naval museums were closed to all but Vets and their families.
Fortunately because of the parades and a monument unveiling we were fortunate enough to see.

You can see video’s by going to http://mvwhiskybusiness.com

During Spring Break in years past we would go to a great restaurant in Destin, McGuire’s with our friends Jay and Elayne Noltemeyer.

Found one in Pensacola too! Did not have the fabulous wine list the Destin location had so we had to settle for a single vineyard Napa Valley cab.
We got to see the dedication of the above monument funded by the Woody Williams Foundation. Woody is a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient for acts of valor in WWII.
Woody is still kickin’ and speaking at 97 years young.
Beautiful Korean War memorial.

Remember back in the day when a business would paint advertisements on the side of their building?
The pier in Fairhope with the sun making a valiant attempt at showing itself.
Something I had never seen before. On the way to Fairhope we passed a number of cotton fields. They roll it up just like hay in the hayfields of Kentucky.

Made a visit to the world famous Flor-a-Bama Bar.

Then we headed to LuLu’s, owned by Jimmy Buffet’s sister.
Mask Up Y’all!

Well What New Hell Is This?
The item you see here is called a pig mat. Beneath each of WB’s engines a large pan resides to catch oil or anything else that might escape from an engine so as not to get in the bilge and get pumped overboard. In an effort to keep the engine room clean we line the pans with these pig mats. They are white. This one is pink. When red diesel fuel leaks on a white pig mat it shows up just like this. Uhhhh, leaking fuel is not a desireable condition. Unlike gasoline diesel fuel is quite difficult to ignite. Unless it is in a hot environment like an engine room where the point of ignition is raised. I discovered this after arriving at The Wharf Marina and commenced a search for the source of the fuel leak. On the side of each engine a rather large device called the after cooler hides a significant part of the engines. When I removed them this past winter to have them flushed I discovered there were primary fuel filters located behind the after coolers. Really can’t see ‘em unless you know they are there. On the bottom of these filters is a twist drain to bleed water out of the filter. Well I discovered this drain device was a bit loose. Tightened her up and all is good!

Social distancing reminder in Orange Beach.

Only Boaters will appreciate this…
Got out of West Marine for less than a Buck! I needed a piece of stainless steel wire for the anchor shackle so I purchased a 1 foot long piece of stainless cable and unwound it. So now I have a bunch of stainless steel wires.

Sunset at the marina last night.

Today we departed the Wharf on board the 34 foot Crimson Tug with our friends Marvin and Nancy Wehl.
Their stop today is near Fort Walton where they will kick us off. We will spend the night in a hotel and catch a flight home tomorrow for Thanksgiving.

Crimson Tug is a 34 foot long American Tug with a single engine. To add manueverability it has a bow thruster.
And this thing throws a wake!

Results of Hurricane Sally back in September.

Debbie and I wish all of you a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. We will be back onboard Whisky Business at the end of the month for our final leg of this years journey to get the boat to Burnt Store Marina in Punta Gorda, Florida.

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