Countdown to May Departure

April 10

If it wasn’t for Debbie on the left of the photo, this could be any group of 5 people!

We hadn’t taken an all family vacation in years so we decided to head to West Yellowstone for a snowmobile vacation. Debbie, Nick, Haley, her husband Brett and I headed west. Yellowstone in winter is totally breathtaking! In order to go into the park on snowmobiles you can go on a guided tour or hire your own guide which we did. The day we were in Yellowstone we covered 130 miles from the Little Grand Canyon to Old Faithful.

Some of what we saw…

Interesting, our guide said if you peed to the right of the sign it would run to the Mississippi River. If you peed to the left of the sign it would run to the Pacific Ocean. Cool or what? BTW, no idea which one of us is in this photo.
The Little Grand Canyon. Spectacular in the summer. Words do not do it justice in the winter. And we had it all to ourselvs.
If the Hell’s Angel’s rode snowmobiles they would look like this.
Bison are everywhere in the park.
I told Debbie not to walk too far off the path. She found a deep spot in the snow…
For large groups of tourists who require a little more comfort than what a snowmobile provides, there are these bussees with HUGE tires Darn near as tall as Debbie!
The sky was a different shade of blue and the clouds were pretty cool.
And the coolest photo of all!

But this is a blog about boating!

Meet Half Pint, the newest addition to the Whisky Business fleet.

With an aluminum hull and no fiberglass (really heavy), and a 30 HP outboard this thing really screams across the water. Bet I can outrun just about any manatee that wants to challenge me.

A bit of an issue with Half Pint. It has the same dimensions as it’s predecessor but the transom (the little wall in the back that the motor mounts to) is farther back in the boat. Which means it is actually longer when the engine is tilted up.
Since the engine is farther back and almost touches the davit the bow hangs about 8 inches over the starboard side of the boat. Will have to be very vigilant when coming into a slip in a marina as we might bump into a piling.
Got a new anchor for Half Pint in the mail today. Hope I have better luck with this one!
Collapsable so it fits in it’s own dry bag.

Behind the engine is the davit which lifts and lowers Half Pint.

Remember this mess?
These batttery clamps I had installed on my start battteries to manage all of the cables that were there. Not exactly ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) specifications.
Nothing a checkbook can’t fix!
Couple of $BoatUnit$ later we had buss bars intstalled and really cleaned up the battery situation.

My big brother Jim made a suggestion some time ago that has stayed with me. Should anything happen to Deb or me while traveling on the boat, it is not so easy if even possible to get help. Calling 911 when out on the water is not going to get a quick response. So at Jim’s urging Debbie and I have just completed CPR training and also purchased an AED device for jump starting a victim of Cardiac Arrest. We did not know that CPR will NOT resusitate a Cardiac Arrest victim. CPR only continues to pump blood. Cardiac Arrest requires an electric shock to the heart to get it going again.
One of our Loop friends suffered a heart attack while on their boat. Fortunately for him he was in a marina where help could get to him quickly.

Gee, look at the time.
Time for…

3 thoughts on “Countdown to May Departure”

    1. Hey Stella, it’s sure looking like that. Would LOVE to see you guys and take you for a boat ride on Whisky Business. At this time our only bogey is to cruise the St. Johns River which is north of Smyrna Beach.


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