Busy day in Green Turtle Bay

September 12

Got back to Green Turtle Bay with Debbie last night and unloaded a small mountain of gear and supplies for the next 2 weeks. Witnessed a beautiful sunset and this morning begged the harbor master to let us stay another night, which she agreed to.

Woke up at 6:15 this morning to a sunrise that promised another great day.IMG_3003

Most of the boats on our dock are doing the Great Loop too. Our neighbor is sporting a Great Loop burgee (the little white flag on the tip of the bow) like ours. Poor fellow, his transmission went south and he is waiting for a replacement from England!

So I got up so darn early that I figured I would change the oil in the 2 main engines and the generator. Probably get the job done before Deb got up I mean really, how long can a oil change take?


Quite a while it turns out. Whisky Business is equipped with a marvelous device that pumps out the oil from each engine, but it is slow. These are the empty GALLON containers that I used to fill up these engines. Oil changes on diesels are recommended every 100 hours of operation. So while we are cruising that’s about every 2 weeks. A total of 12 gallons plus the filters (which are the size of a half gallon milk jug. After depositing the spent oil at the marina’s recycle tank I met a guy who installs bow thrusters. A bow thruster is a propeller in a tube that, after cutting a big hole through the the bottom of the front of a boat, the propeller and motor are inserted. This makes larger boats much more maneuverable in tight places. IMG_3006 2

This is the hole he just cut in the bottom of his clients boat. I too, could be the proud owner of a bow thruster for only $13,000! I prefer feeling the $13K in my pocket. He had this really cool work truck that had everything necessary to do the job. He travels the country installing them.

The marina has a shuttle service that we wore out today. The golf cart driver gave us a wonderful tour of the town of Grand Rivers, Ky. Not a stop light to be seen anywhere. He dropped us off at Patti’s 1881 Settlement which if you haven’t been here, put it on your bucket list. They had a very nice restaurant which burned down last year that was famous for their signature 2 inch thick pork chops. They are now served out of a food truck on the property. Debbie and I each availed ourselves to these along with a bottle of pinot noir from WB.

Guy to my right is Chris Kohler, grillmaster extraordinaire at Patti’s.

This place is full of shops and I made a herculean effort to keep up with Debbie in the shops but when I got to the tutu’s I had had enough. So I did what all wise husbands do in such circumstances.

After a breathtaking sunset and tour of an adjacent sailboat marina on Kentucky Lake we adjourned to WB for “docktails” with our neighbors I mentioned earlier, Brian and Sue Ramsey. Sue commented she likes manhattans. I wonder how much she is going to detest me in the morning after 2 of these beauties.

So far this trip has been great. Only regret we had was, we wished we would have had the forethought to have someone take some photos of WB leaving Louisville. Got a text shortly after passing downtown Louisville from my great friend Dan Meyer who is the attorney for the wholesale liquor dealers association. God bless ‘im, Danny saved my bacon a time or two! He texted me this photo he and his wife Patty took as they were crossing the downtown bridge!

IMG_2942 2

Thank you Dan and Patty!

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