Heading south in earnest

September 13

Left Green Turtle Bay at 10 this morning after taking on 225 gallons of fuel. Picked up another nugget of handy info at the fuel dock. Since the opening to the fuel tanks are on the flat deck it is wise to have some paper towels to mop up any spilled fuel. Byron the dockhand and also a proud Jefferson owner had taken a “pigmat” and cut a hole in it for the fuel nozzle to protrude through so it is right there if there is a spill. Its the simple things in life!

IMG_3020IMG_3044Great photo of the Mighty Motor Vessel Whisky Business leaving our dock at GTB this morning. Taken by our new friends Brian and Sue Ramsey on Fahrfromwurken. Those guys would be a blast to travel with. Hope they get the transmission fixed soon and catch up with us. I must say, Sue looked rather chipper this morning after 2 manhattans!

Scootin’ along at 9 mph today with the wind at our back which meant there was no breeze at all on the flybridge. Pretty hot day. Some jet skis took advantage of our significant wake to get some air under them.

Deb took advantage of the free time she is enjoying so much by sharpening her solitaire skill set.


Betyerass she’s cheating!

Kentucky Lake is so darn wide we didn’t bother calling the tow captains to find out how they wanted us to execute our pass. Just steer clear of ’em. Came across this guy, 4 barges wide and 5 barges long for a total of 20!

Made it to Paris Landing Marina in Tennessee. Very nice folks here. The harbor master, Mackey was kind enough to put us in a van and take us to a boat yard where a fella had a dinghy we were interested in. Too long to fit on our hard top. Would have been perfect with a driving console and a 40hp Yamaha outboard. Our dinghy is pretty basic and is steered with a tiller. Debbie is not comfortable driving ours. Treated to a beautiful sunset as we were finishing up dinner of leftover pork chops from Patti’s.IMG_3045

2 thoughts on “Heading south in earnest”

  1. Great commentary fun to follow, when is your book coming out?
    Just enjoying the last if the best summer ever in VT. My most excitement is my tap dancing class on Fridays, retirement something to look forward to😀


  2. Looks like you’re having a blast. Miss you guys but are enjoying you sharing the adventure with us. Will have a cold one waiting for you when you return.


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