Bobby’s Fish Camp or Bust

November 29

Last 3 days have been so darn cold getting in the hi 20’s at night and highs n the 40’s. Miserable conditions but clear and dry. Encased in our plexiglass bubble on the fllybridge and a black bimini, the temp got to the 60’s if the sun was shining.

On the night of the 26th we stayed in a great anchorage but the next morning it was so cold the windows on the flybridge were coated with frost. That took a while to clear but we were able to depart that anchorage by 7am.

Below are some photos of dredging equiment on the TenTom. This equipment pumps  out the bottom of the channel. Another vessel then pushes it through 4 foot wide hoses up on shore in the 3rd photo.


I would call this a serious case of erosion!


One of MANY tow arrays we passed. This waterway is so narrow we were almost trading paint with these guys.


Pretty cold in the mornings and the fog made some interesting shapes. I think I saw the Virgin in the photo below.


This is why there are locks and dams on the inland waterways. Boats don’t fare so well when traversing waterfalls.


On the 28th the plan was to run about 60 miles to an anchorage called Bashi Creek. Those plans changed when we ran into a couple other boaters who were gonna run fast for a 100 miles to the famous Bobby’s Fish Camp. Went through one lock and made Bobby’s by 2PM. Burned a LOT of fuel but saved a day.


Finally made it to the legendary Bobby’s Fish Camp. I have read about this place for years while doing research on the Great Loop. A must stop on the Loop. While you won’t find Bobby’s listed in the Michelin Guide for fine dining, it is certainly unique. There is one dock that 4 medium size boats can tie up on. So how do you get 8 boats PLUS replica’s of the Nina and Pinta, the boats that accompanied Columbus’ Santa Maria to the New World. These are true replicas in that they were built on a beach using no power tools. Making this task even more daunting, these replicas are made out of ironwood. Probably never heard of it as it is extremely hard so it is not used in furniture making. Matter of fact, the cross supports in the hull of WB are made from this hardwood and then fiberglassed in place for the big diesel engines to rest on.




Some of the boats we spent the night with at Bobby’s in the last of a dozen locks on the TenTom. We are now in tidal waters.





Very thankful that my brother Jim helped me move the boat to Florida, especially in this cold weather. Had to make some adjustments to the navigation equipment though. Had to Use BIG numbers on the chartplotter due to his advancing years. He wanted a Diet Coke. Needed a caffeine fix, he said. See photo’s below.


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