Mobile Bay…and 70 degress!

November 30


Up at 5am. Debbie doesn’t think I make the bed when she is not on board. Here’s proof.


Sent this photo in a text to Haley this morning. She had STOLEN this coffee mug from a Waffle House. Perfect size for me as the coffee doesn’t get cold. Really pisses her off when I send her pictures of me and MY (possession: 90% of the law) favorite coffee mug. Read her response. Such a smartass. Gets it from her mom.

Sunrise at our anchorage. You can see our “buddy boat” Chrysilis to the right of the image and farther back the channel is Sabatical. We ran 60 miles from Bobby’s to get to the Tensaw River. Great place to drop a hook.


Cool feature of our electronics package is Active Captain. It’s a user based site that gives user reviews of marina’s, anchorages and waterways. Now that we are in southern climes the wildlife changes a bit. Folks who travel with small dogs heed this type of info when taking their pets to shore to relieve themselves.


It takes a great deal of love to bring a pet on board for this type of journey. Every day’s plan revolves around taking the aminal to shore a couple of times.

Image of the Tennnessee Tombigbee waterway from it’s start in Iuka Mississippi which is just south of the Pickwick Landing Lock and Dam. From this point it’s a 450 mile journey to Mobile Bay. The little rectangles denote locks and dams. Our journey started in the 30’s. It is now 70 degrees!


OH! The best Great Loop song just came on the Jimmy Buffet channel. Here’s to Debbbie Rogers, Sue Heilman and Pam Shircliff – Knee Deep by Zac Brown and Jimmy Buffet.

Entered the port of Mobile. Not many boats here, lot of SHIPS though!


Saw one of these boats. Would you get on one??? Called Diesel Ducks. Imagine if there was any wave action…


Look at all that water in the bay. Sonar indicates a depth of less than 7 feet.


Entering Mobile Bay the chartplotter got real busy.

So glad I had big brother Jim on board, scurvy bastard that he is. Damn face looks like a Chia Pet. Won’t shave till he gets home.


Arrived at Dog River Marina and filled up with 184 gallons of fuel and made it to our covered slip. Sort of. Tried to back in to the slip but at low tide there wasn’t enough depth so we had to pull bow in.

Went to a pretty good BBQ joint in Mobile tonite with Gill and Debbie Patton and their grandson Alex. These were the folks on Chrysilis, our buddy boat for the last 2 days

Just got back to WB having had “docktails” on Farfromwurken with Brian and Sue Ramsey who we met at Green Turtle Bay outside of Paducah.

2 thoughts on “Mobile Bay…and 70 degress!”

  1. I can’t believe they’re running Diesel Ducksin a place as busy as the River or on Mobile Bay! They have almost no freeboard. One sank last summer in Lake of the Ozarks killing many people!


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