December 2

Left Dog River Marina at 6:15 this morning. I was a little concerned due to an issue I had with starting the port side engine. Few days ago when starting that engine, the starter turned for just a moment, stopped and then the engine turned over and it started fine. Day later the engine started just as it should. After fueling the boat, restarted the engine and same issue. Thinking the worst (new giant 8D battery or worse a starter motor) I called my mentor Dave Shaw at Kentuckiana Yacht Service and he suggested loose battery terminals. Cleaned and tightened them and this morning she fired right up.


Keith Sheffel at KYS had suggested a few months ago that I install these devices on the batteries to connect the 4 cables to each battery but I never got around to it. Unfortunately they don’t fit quite right so I will have to postpone installation.

We stayed at Dog River Marina for the last 2 nights at the top of Mobile Bay. Got an early start and took some pretty cool photo’s along the way.


And finally we get to Florida!


And these guys show up! Beautiful animals and so fast!

Our initial planned stope was Pensacola tonight but talked with Steve and Kathy Parnell who also drank the Bob and Pam Shircliff Kool Aid and met up with them in Navarre, Florida.


Image of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway just before we turned off to our stop for the night at East River Smokehouse and Marina.

2 thoughts on “Florida!”

  1. Congratulations on making it to Florida! Thank you for including us in your blog with all the amazing pictures and of course the stories! I am sure there are stories yet untold. Super jealous and look forward to hearing and seeing more!
    Brad and Maddy Smith


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