Movin’ on up, to the east (coast)

May 3

BEST MARINA EVER! Free Breakfast!


Moving up the east coast of Georgia, we have left the palm trees of Florida behind. These are some shots of homes along the ICW.

Notice how tall the pilings are that this dock sits on? That’s because the tide here is 8 feet! Which means every 6 hours or so the tide goes from high to low. When anchoring in a tidal zone like this you have to add the depth of the water, plus the distance from the water to the bow pulpit plus the tide swing. Then you multiply that number by 5. So if we are at low tide in 10 feet of water 10+5+8=23X5=115. We would have to deploy 115 feet of rode (chain). In and around Charlotte Harbor, Florida with it’s tidal swing of maybe 1 foot we would only have to let out (10+5+1X5) 80 feet of rode.

Great marina and boat yard, Thunderbolt Marine Services in Thunderbolt, Ga.

Beautiful Kadey Krogen Express. About 48′ in length, these are magnificent boats. There is a 15 year old KK for sale on Yachtworld for only $750,000. Such a deal! We were docked next to these folks at Green Turtle Bay way back in September.

Just finished service on this sailboat and it is being prepared for launch.

Take a look at the 2 sailboats in the photo below. Other than the height of the masts, see anything different?

The mast on the sailboat on the right is black. Cuz it’s carbon fiber. At least $1,000,000 in the mast and boom. The boom is the horizontal stick mounted perpendicular on the mast which holds bottom of the sail. Boaters, crazy huh?

Below is probably the best Key Lime Pie I have ever had. I cut the servers tip in half cuz she gave Bill a fork too.

Toured downtown Savannah today. The riverfront is pretty neat. Take away the bars and T shirt shops, not much left.

This ship is the biggest I have yet to see. Car carrying transport.

Walking downtown I see Paula Dean’s restaurant. Gotta have fried chicken, right? Oh hell yes! AND it’s a buffet with green beans, cornbread, Broccoli with cheese! So good!

Saw this in a shadow box.

Attention Captain John Boyle! Look at this pretender. Not only is it an obvious faux steamer, BUT THE PADDLEWHEEL DOESN’T EVEN TOUCH THE WATER!!! This thing would be outlawed in Kentucky!

John and Deb Neal on Saltaire. Ran into them on Jekyll and again in Savannah. They left today for Beaufort, SC, our bogey for tomorrow.

There is a Beaufort, South Carolina. Pronounced BEW-fert.

There is a Beaufort, North Carolina. Pronounced BO-fort.

We will make the trip to BEWfert tomorrow with Scott and Connie Hummer on their 48′ Californian Easy Livin’. Always great to have a buddy boat.

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