And They’re Off!

(Whisky Business and Easy Livin’, that is)

May 4

Topped off the tanks with 183 gallons of fuel this morning at a reasonable $3.06 per gallon. The clerk at the fuel dock told me “that will be $111.” Wow, I really want to go to heaven so I told him to hit those buttons on that calculator again. Oh, he says, how about $559. Karma

Got off bright and early on a beautiful day for the 40 mile trip to Beaufort (BEWfert), SC. No issues and the weather cooperated fully until right before we got to the dock and as we were tying up we heard thunder. Timing is everything!

Passed this container ship. HUGE!

Never been to Hilton Head before.

One of Hilton Heads many ferries.

And the sailboats, had to be 50 of ’em!

That’s Easy Livin’ threading her way through the morass of sailboats.

Hilton Head residents idea of motorized mayhem.

Hilton Head Harbor

Heading across Port Royal Sound

As the tide begins to come in you can see the difference in the color of the water.

Paris Island, check out the water tower.


At the Beaufort city marina they have floating docks. When the tide comes back in you won’t see any barnacles on the pilings.

Tide out…

Tide in…

With the tide out on a system of floating docks the ramp to the docks must be hinged so it can rise and fall with the tides. At low tide it was pretty tough to get up this ramp. This fellow is really leaning forward to get up the ramp. Quite dangerous to get down it.

Tide out…

Tide in…

A craft fair going on at the Beaufort Marina. Don’t know if Debbie woulda missed the Derby for this.

Great bow pulpit decoration.

Interesting aside, I just added up our mileage since leaving Fort Lauderdale. Sometime on Friday we passed the 3,000 mile mark. At this time Whisky Business has 3,050 miles under her keel in 453 engine hours.

Saw this T-shirt in the marina office. I have a similar one from Punta Gorda.

This is a mooring field near the marina. See those little white specks? Those are mooring balls that float on the surface and are fixed to the bottom. There is a loop on the top of the ball that you tie your boat off to in lieu of dropping your anchor.

A few of the historic houses near downtown Beaufort. This area dates back to 1711.

New friends L to R, Milton and Julie Shaeffer Debbie and John Neal.

It was great meeting these fellow Loopers and lucky too. Yesterday my mate for the last 9 days informed me he had had enough of this exciting boating life and wanted off the boat on Monday. Which means I would have to sit in a marina till Debbie gets back to the boat somewhere around the 9th or I could single hand this beast. Fortunately Debbie and John are going to be my cruising buddies for the next few days. I will let them pull into a marina, get settled and then I will follow and they will help me tie up. Same thing in the mornings, they will help me get off the dock and then they will follow. How hard can it be??? Leaving Beaufort at 6:30 in the morning with the incoming tide and should arrive in Charleston by 2, close to low tide when the current should be slower, a run of about 60 miles.

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