Mother’s Day!

May 12

Got a text at 8:30 this morning for Bloody’s and a light breakfast aboard Here’s an Idea. All of the Loopers we have met so far have been stellar folks. The couple on the right, Milton and Julie Shaeffer hosted a light brunch with appropriate beverages. Couple in the middle you have already met, John and Debbie Neal.

As you can see the rainy day thus far has been spent wisely.

Always a good day when it starts with Champagne!

It’s all fun and games till someone gets overserved!

So, this ‘lil missy needs some ‘splainin. This is Julie Shaeffer on board Here’s an Idea. One funny lady! During the course of the vodka/Champagne fueled morning this Tennessee girl came up with some lines that had all of us ready to soil ourselves. She quoted someone by the name of Cooter Brown and made reference to my biceps as “birdshit on a power line” really? These guns?? Best line came from John Neal when he told the mother of his children to “stay in your lane” when she tried to ‘splain Champange to ME!

Finished Mother’s Day cocktail hour(s) around 11 when the all of the mother’s and mutha’s in attendance decided it was nap-0-clock. Preprandial cocktails, dinner and g’nightall.


Got underway on a rising tide around 11 AM today, Monday the 13th with my favorite First Mate and Co-Captain. Ya know, you just have to love North Carolina. Absolutely beautiful state. Some interesting photos we took along the way today.

Shallow water.

The ocean is right over there!

Just wow!

Now this is an odd video. Every few days it is wise to “blow out” the turbo’s. These engines are designed to put out a lot of power with their turbo chargers. Running at 80% of wide open throttle WB burns about 25 gallons of fuel an hour. At that power setting we run about 19 MPH. At that speed I have never seen a bow wave like this. Pretty cool.

We found an anchroage that is not terribly protected. Anchored in a 15 MPH wind. Check out our bridle. It is stretched tight. No worries, our beast of an anchor will hold just fine.

Couple hours later after pulled pork and green beans for dinner and the wind shifted 90 degrees and died to just a few MPH. See the red chain? Every 25 feet I painted the chain so I could tell how much I was putting out. White at 25, green at 50, blue at 75, red at 100, double white at 125…you get it.

John and Debbie at anchor.

Recipricol photo of Debbie, me and Whisky Business with another mustache.

Great sunset.

Wierd cloud formation.

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