May 8 – 10

Exhausted. I have run 207 miles in the last 4 days single handed. Fortunately I have been running with the swell folks on Saltaire which took the safety concern out of the picture for me (mostly). They were always close enought to hear a “Oh Shit” alarm. It’s kinda like being a goalie, 95% sheer boredom, 5% terror. Biggest issue was getting the fenders out when approaching a marina or fuel dock. I would bring the engines back to idle, engage the autopilot on a long straight stretch of water and put out the fenders. while keeping a sharp eye on what is in front of the boat. All the while I have my trusty autopilot remote in my pocket.

The 95% sheer boredom part?

Listening to 14 hours of Jack Reacher kick ass…

Passed into North Carolina today and docked in the town of Southport, NC. Tomorrow I will rent a car and drive back to Myrtle Beach and pick up Debbie at the airport. She will be with me on the boat until the end of the month when we go home for a few days to see Paul McCartney in Lexington. Plan is to be in Norfolk, Va. by then.

Sunrise in Myrtle Beach.

Passed through a swing bridge today. You can barely make out the cars in line. They love boaters!

One of those really go fast boats for the tourists. Funny thing about these types of boats, they only carry about 60 gallons of fuel to keep the boat light. Less fuel, more paying passengers!

Cool light house.


Take a look at the length of these docks! Must have cost a fortune. And the maintenance!

Sandy Beach near Ocean Isle, NC. Debbie and I stayed here many years ago when she was pregnant with Nick and hurricane Hugo came through. (Remember the movie Perfect Storm with George Clooney?). We got run off the island with our dear friends Bobby and Rusty Nicholas. We holed up with her brother and his family in Raleigh, NC. Her brother sold medical equipment. He had a portable Ultrasound machine that he let us take home with us. This is in 1990. The wife of a fellow I worked with at the time was an ultrasound techician with a hospital. So she comes over one evening and performs an ultrasound for Debbie’s dad and my parents. They had never seen an actual ultrasound. They got to see Nick 3 months before he was born. Pretty cool stuff. Never forget it.

How many beautiful homes have I posted on the site? Lots right? All of a sudden I came across RVer’s!

For Sale: 100 acre island. CALL NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!

Gotta get up early tomorrow (Saturday) so I can get this boat cleaned up for Debbie’s arrival.

3 thoughts on “Pressure”

  1. Really enjoying your posts, look forward to them. Thanks for sharing your adventure with those of us that stick to traditional tour guide lead vacations. Thought of this yesterday after booking another one of those. You were truly blessed with self confidence a wonderful gift. Blessings to you and Debbie as you continue your adventure.


  2. Thanks Stella, a trip like this is a blessing in the fabulous people you meet. I am sure some of these friendships will last a lifetime! Hope all is well with you and Rollin.


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