1000 Islands

July 10 – 12

The Thousand Islands area (actually 1864 islands) of the Saint Lawrence River between Canada and the US is truly stunning. I have included a lot of photo’s of island homes as they are so unique and like nothing I have ever seen before. Enjoy.

Thousand Islands Bridge.

Another photo as we passed the Boldt Castle. On Wednesday we cruised up the Saint Lawrence about 20 miles to an anchorage that sounded perfect. We passed the Boldt Castle again and got some better photo’s of this amazing place.

Boldt Castle Play House.

Lighthouse on a “shoal”. It’s a shoal cuz there is no tree.

This actual island would not have held a case of whiskey it is so small.

Approaching Singer Castle on Dark Island. Castle here was built by Frederick Bourne at the turn of the last century. He was the 5th president of the Singer Sewing machine company.

After our tour of the castle we found our anchorage just across the river. Deb and Sue got out the smoked salmon and cream cheese and we had a lovely repast.

Dropped the dink and took a ride around our anchorage. Saw this mini gazebo on this mini shoal.

A refreshing dip in the river. A bit brisk. On the George Castanza Shrinkage scale, I believe it was about an 89.

Grilled pork loin for dinner.

Great sunset.

Pulled up the anchor this morning and it was full of seaweed or seagrass whatever. At times there would be mounds of the stuff larger than a basketball. And when the anchor came into view, well it didn’t actually come into view as it was encased in the stuff. Got as much of it off as I could but when we got back to the marina I had to lay the chain out on the dock while Dave cleaned out the chain locker which is located in the very front of the boat in front of the forward bed.
Cruised back down the Saint Lawrence on the Canadian side.
The tree makes this an island.
There has been so much rain in this area that a lot of homes are flooded. In marinas docks are still underwater.
Mr. Bill’s cottage. Only old people will get this.

Made it to the town of Gananoque (gan-an-ok-way), Ontario. We are in this huge marina. See the sailboat leaving the marina? We are 3 slips to the left and have to walk a long way to get to the street. This is a aerial view of the marina.

Went to the Gananoque Inn for beer and apps. Love the menu.

Took a walk around this nice town.

A memorial to lives lost from this area in previous wars

I think this is the best boat name EVER!!!

2 thoughts on “1000 Islands”

  1. Buy one and we can have our 50 year reunion there … changed my e-mail addy … change Hughes.net to … att.net … schasmonty stays … great pics … hope that pork turned out good …. One of. My favs is pork tenderloin … and I am generally a beef man … Thanks for pics and enjoy … peace


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