Unforeseen break in the action

July 13 – 15

While we were in Gananoque we did quite a bit of walking around. In Canada Sin Taxes pay for their healthcare system. Free healthcare? Not exactly, drinkers and smokers pay for that “free” healthcare. In Kentucky where 11% of the wholesale cost of a bottle of liquor makes Kentucky one of the highest liquor tax states in the US and this bottle of Maker’s is still $20 less than it is in Canada. Canadian prices are usually 50-100% higher than US prices.

Read the shelf tag. Maker’s Mark, it’s not just for breakfast anymore!


Beautiful homes.

Breakfast with the Neals and a sendoff for Dave and Sue as they wait for a taxi to take them to a rent a car for their drive back to Louisville.

Dominoes with Pappy 15. Half the bottle evaporated during the games.

Pizza for dinner on the restaurants deck as this large vessel goes by.

This is the 13 foot long replacement propeller shaft that came in on Monday for Saltaire.

Deb and I had to return home as it had become clearly evident that it was time to put our furbaby down.

I hate playing God.

Incredible how much unconditional love a dog can bring to a home.This is my bestest, favoritest photo of Jake. Great photo, but that dog could not spell!

Deb and I drove 13 hours to return to New York on Tuesday morning. We left Clayton, NY at 11:30 today to continue the Loop. We traveled 60 miles to this wonderful anchorage.

Ahhhhh, another beautiful sunset.

After a great dinner of grilled pork chops Deb and I retired to the bow of Whisky Business for Manhattans made with our own Bourbon Board of Directors Woodford Double Oak Single Barrel Solera bottle.

And then I went fishing

Then we went to bed.

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