Trent Severn-Days 2&3

July 26 & 27

This waterway is simply stunning. The lock passages have been totally uneventful as they are quite small. Only 2 boats the size of Whisky Business can lock through at a time. Some channels are a bit narrow as evidenced by the photo below.

This guy found his own shoal. We know this is a shoal because it does not have a ____ growing on it???

Double lock.

After 5 locks yesterday we tied up to a wall in Campbellford, Ontario. Our great buds, Deb and John had waited a few days there for us to catch up.

Since John was instrumental in getting us going again when our water pump went south on us Debbie and I had a special bottle of Woodford made for the Neal’s from a photo I had taken of their boat.

One of the 18 locks we have been through in the last 3 days.

Livin’ the dream.

Some cool summer homes.

When was the last time you were in a blow up pool.

The last few days have not been long ones but locking through can be stressful. My able bodied crew takes a much needed break.

Beautiful home and boat house.

How ’bout a fixer upper.

Jeez, another 6 MPH speed limit posting.

Love seeing this guy!

Deb says she wants a home on the water…

John took this video of a double lock we went through today. You can see WB in the lock.

Whisky Business in front of one of the locks waiting for the doors to open.

HA! Gotta love it!

I mentioned in the last post the method used to open the locks on the Trent Severn. The 2 Debs were walking to see the Loopers on Mo Whisky and when they crossed the bridge, Debbie asked if she could open the lock doors for 2 Loop boats in the lock chamber. Here’s Debbie making here debut as a Trent Severn Waterway Lock Hand!

2 thoughts on “Trent Severn-Days 2&3”

  1. The pictures are just beautiful. Enjoy seeing the locks, I found the locks interesting while river cruising in German and wondered why the rivers in our country weren’t used in this manner here. Thanks to your blog I have seen they are, I realize these are in Canada but others have been here. Continue to enjoy and appreciate the journey.


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