Trent Severn Waterway

Day 1

July 25

Pulled out of the docks at Saint Lawrence Restoration at 8:15 this morning. Pior to going home we had to leave the marina where we had stayed for a few days as there was a Poker Run scheduled and the marina was booked. Since our trip home was thrust upon us I was a bit desparate to find room at the inn for Whisky Business. A short walk from the Clayton Municipal docks is Saint Lawrence Restoration. A business that has probably 50 boat slips and they refurbish old wood boats. Our boat was a bit big for the slips there but Nuggen, the manager moved a boat and made room for us. Must be a dog lover too cuz when I ‘splained my predicament, he found a way to accomodate us. I did not even ask what they were gonna charge us. Other marina was $113 per day and we were gonna be gone for 9 days it turned out. When we returned I went to pay, the office manager asked why we had to leave so quickly and I told her about Jake. Said she didn’t know just yet what the charge would be but come back in an hour and she would have a bill for me. Took that time to return the rental car that got us back to New York. Came back and she handed me this bill. Bear in mind that on top of the $1.50-$2.00 per foot marina’s here charge, they also tack on $10 – $15 daily for electricity.

$25 per day. Almost fell over. Coulda charged $1,000 and I would have gladly paid it. Something Debbie and I have found out on this trip about folks. There are people out there that will come running to help their fellow man when in need. Deb and I have found more than a few of these kind souls on these travels. I do my very best to pay that kindness forward.

Last night we anchored out ILLEGALY in Canada. Decided to wait till this morning to check in with customs. Cruised to Picton, Ontario to do that. Interesting, tie up the boat near a customs office, give ’em a phone call and that’s it. They ask if we have firearms? Nope. Pot? Nope. Liquor and/or wine? Uhhh, yeeeaahh, we are carrying “ships stores” which I think means just a bit for personal consumption. With a boat name like Whisky Business? We were allowed to bring 1.5 liters each.

After dealing with beauracracy for a bit we make our way to the Trent Severn Waterway. A rather narrow, shallow waterway that will take us to the Georgian Bay which many Loopers have said is the best part of the trip. Photos while underway.

City of Kingston, Ontario.

This is near the start of Trent Severn. Look at the bottom right of this image. See the “10” in a circle? That’s the speed limit on the TSW. And it ain’t MPH. It’s KPH (Kilometers Per Hour) which translates to 6.2 MPH. For 250 miles…

The first of 45 locks on the TSW. And they are really small. Maybe 2 boats the size of WB will fit in one of these locks.

Lock hands at Lock 1 making sure we know which way to go.

A video of our transit through Lock 2. Couple of things to watch for. Notice how the wind whips us around while we are waiting for the lock to open. Also near the end of the video when WB has been fully lifted watch how the lock hands open the doors. Crazy!

This is the device you saw the lock hands use to open the lock gates.

The lock gates are made from 13X13 inch timbers.

Notice how far WB’s “boot stripe” (really black line with a slender white line running beneath it) near the water line. The TSW has a controlled depth of only 6 feet. With 2 running aground incidents fresh in our minds we have cut our complement of fuel and water in half. Diesel is a tad lighter than water. Even so, we lightened WB up to the tune of around 2500 lbs.

This is our home for the night. No room for us at Lock 6 so we tied up to the wall at the top of Lock 5. Nobody else here. Very peaceful.

Saw this guy swimming around. Can’t see his tail in the photo, but wide and flat. Beaver me thinks.

This is why we have locks. Boats do not traverse shallow, rocky waters very well.

This is known as a “Whisky Lick”. Kinda like a dent in your car. Must have scraped a lock wall today.

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