Trent Severn Day 5

July 29

Woke up at 5AM to this prelude to sunrise.

Left a bit late in the morning as a new bridge attendant was getting trained and a swing bridge would not be open until 9:15. On our way in the next couple of photo’s. Look how narrow this channel is, maybe 35′ wide. WB is 15′ wide.


A few rather shallow spots. Glad I’m running with light fuel and water. The inland rivers have mud bottoms, Florida and the east coast have sand bottoms. Here, it’s granite.

I suggested to Todd, the owner of this boat he may want to change the name as many would think the reference was to his lovely (and young) wife Cindy.

Crammed 3 boats in this lock.

Saltaire was a wee bit close to us in another lock.

Photo’s of Peterborough as we cruised through.

Best redneck pontoon ever!!! Belongs in Kentucky.

This is Majestic Island and below how it appears on our chartplotter.

The approach to our 31st lock in 5 days. This lock is only accesible by boat.

Dropped the IPad on my toe. Bloody hurts!

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