Trent Severn Days 6 & 7

July 30 & 31

Made a short run on Tuesday to the town of Bobcaygeon, Ontario.

Below is a photo of the wall that runs alongside the lock. There are 6 Looper boats tied up here and we met at 5 for “docktails”. For some reason Saltaire does not show up on Nebo here. I swear, I think those Neals are in the witness protection program.

I am constatly learning new tidbits of info on this adventure. For instance, see the large orange fender (it has a 2X T shirt on it to keep it from getting nasty from the gunk on the lock walls)? Notice the line that runs forward from it? When WB is on a wall or dock and we pull away, the fender can roll around the back of the boat and allow the swim platform to hit the wall. Not anymore! That line running forward keeps it from rolling out of position. A Kiwi (fella from New Zealand) onboard Mo Whisky gave me this idea.

In the photo’s above and below you can see that we deployed the gangway or stairway to Whisky Business. This makes getting on and off the boat a breeze when the swim platform is too low to reach the dock or the deck is too high to reach the dock.

When I went to put the gangway in place I noticed the rubber foot had fallen off where the stairway mounts to the boat. Without the rubber foot over this aluminum tube it would put a really nasty gash in the fiberglass hull.

Taittinger Champagne to the rescue!

Fit perfectly.


Only cruised 15 miles and 1 lock to Fenelon Falls today. This is a very popular stop on the Trent Severn so we were wheels up and left Bobcaygeon at 7:15 this morning. Arrived at Fenelon Falls at 9 just in time for the first lock thru of the day. Fortunately for us a boat had just left the wall that has power pedestals so we would not have to run our generator here.

Took a stroll through this lovely town and shot these photos of the dam and other boats locking through.

Tried the Cow and Sow for breakfast but they did not open till 11.

A few doors down from the Cow and Sow was a pretty neat looking shop that had this T shirt in the window. Had to go in and buy it for a particular family member.

This killer 1970 Dodge Challenger with a 440 Six Pack (real car guys know what a Six Pack is on a Chrysler automobile) was sitting in front of the same shop. Had a sign in the window.

Bought 20 chances to win this baby. Deb thinks I’m nuts but I’m feelin’ it baby!!!

It’s 3 in the afternoon on Wednesday and Debbie is taking a nap. Got out the Instant Pot Haley and Nick gave us. Hope I don’t screw this up…

Found this on the boat today. Don’t say anything to Jonathan, y’all…

A few weeks ago I showed you a photo of a boat with a great boat name, “Check Magnet”. So funny.

Greatest boat name for a steel boat.

This is Steve and Kathy Parnell on United 771. Great folks! Steve is the kind of guy, the rest of us guys love to hate cuz he makes the rest of us look so bad. Their boat name, United 771. Where did that name come from? Steve had met Kathy while she was a flight attendant for United Airlines. They eventually fell in love and married. When they bought their boat Steve was trying to come up with an appropriate name for their newly acquired vessel. He goes back through his notes and finds the flight number of the flight where he met Kathy, United, Flight 771. There ya go.

Manhattan’s on board Whisky Business with the Neals from Saltaire, Parnells from United 771 and Dan and Janet Farrel from Idyll Time.

Night all…

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