Wright’s Marina in Britt, Ontario

August 12

We were anchors aweigh at 9am yesterday. Half of the journey to Wright’s Marina at Byng Inlet was quite scenic as it wound through many little islands. Lots of photo’s.

Boat killer. Top of a rock that barely extends above the surface. If not for the well marked channel through this area, there would be lots of shipwrecks.

Best of all worlds, an airplane with floats and a pontoon boat.

The cottagers (that’s what the Canadians call folks with cottages) love their blow up water toys. Biggest yet.

This is where we entered the Georgian Bay at large. Out in big open water. Nuthin’ to see so we ran at cruise speed, around 18 MPH. We got to our destination around 1:30. I really like this NEBO app for tracking our daily voyages. I think I will start adding them to each post.

Cool old wood boat. These things are a real labor of love. Extremely labor intensive to maintain.

Along the inland rivers if you asked a fisherman what he was fishing for, the answer was always the same, catfish. Don’t think that’s the case up here.

Pretty cool, eh?

As you know, the United States of America is the greatest country on earth. BUT we have something called OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) The Canadians are much smarter than we are. They do not have an OSHA. See the images below. The top image is a Canadian gas can. It is amazing! You take the cap off, remove the nozzole and stick it through the cap and VIOLA! You can pour gas out of it WHILE USING ONLY ONE HAND! Truly amazing.

The gas can in this photo is a United States of America, OSHA approved gas can. I keep this in the engine room and it has a few gallons of diesel fuel in it. Diesel fuel has no vapors to explode so it resides safely in my engine room. Here’s how it works. Once you have the nozzole in place, you twist the green sleeve with one hand while pushing the nozzole in with your other hand at the same time. Then, using your third hand and arm you lift the can and pour.

I think I like the Canadian gas can better.

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