Snug Harbor

August 11

Breakfast of mimosas and bloody’s on Here’s to Us with the Crouses and Farrells. Oh yeah, I think there were Belgian waffles and plenty of bacon as well. Yummy!

This Great Lakes cruise ship came into port this morning.

A 16 mile cruise to our next destination, Snug Harbor for a night on the hook. Another day of beautiful scenery.

This is an image of our radar screen. Whisky Business’ location is at the bottom of the vertical white line. The large green blob is Golden Daze. It’s green because they are moving away from us at a faster speed. If we were moving faster and closing in on them, it would be red. Below the end of the white line in the center of the image you can see 2 red-ish blobs. Captains Dan and Sam were doing such a splendid job of matching WB’s warp like speed (that would be 9 MPH) that the doppler effect built in to our radar isn’t really sure if we are going faster or slower. Maybe fast-ish.

Idyll Time III and a really cool lighthouse. This is the entrance to Snug Harbor. Since this was to be the first time Sam and Rev on Here’s to Us have anchored we let them drop their hook first. Then Idyll Time came in.

Took a dinghy ride to Gilly’s for lunch. Only place around and not very accessible.

Damn airplane took up a whole slip. “Honey, let’s fly the plane over to Gilly’s for lunch!”

Sam and Rev. She is a SCREAM! Celebrating her newly acquired anchoring skill set.

A few words about Sam – Ass Hole.

At our last marina he checked their boat in before Deb and I did. Told ’em don’t believe me if I said our boat was less than 65 feet long. They charge by the foot. Sam was a U2 pilot while in the Air Force. For anybody reading this that is younger than 50, google Gary Powers. He was a U2 pilot shot down over the Soviet Union in the early 60’s. Really interesting guy, Sam is. The other evening while he was on board WB we asked him if there were any stories he could tell us about his exploits in the U2 without having to kill us afterwards. With a ceiling in the 70,000 foot range, the U2 pilots had to wear a pressurized space suit like the astronauts. He proceeded to tell us how to pee in the space suit.

Queen Rev.

Screaming along in Half Pint, our dink.

End of another great day.

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