The Run to Chicago

September 11

At 7:30 AM Whisky Business left her home of the last 3 weeks at Roque Marina in Killarney, Ontario with a new captain. On board are the Master of the Vessel, Debbie; First Mate, Sue Heilman and WB’s new Captain, Dave Heilman. Dave and Sue volunteered to assist Debbie in bringing WB to Chicago where she will wait until the opening of the locks on the Illinois River on October 5th. At that time, I will be fit to bring her back to Louisville.


My view this morning as I strolled across the East End bridge to Utica, Indiana. Looking south on the Ohio River. You can see Twelve Mile Island in the distance.


A cloudy day on the North Channel above Lake Huron. Such a shame. This is such a beautiful area but without the sun shining, pretty gloomy.


Captain Jerry (LIGHT) HA! Capn. Dave with all manner of navigational aids at his disposal. I bet he even brought along his AAA card. The seas are with the intrepid crew. At our normal engine setting they are moving along quite nicely at 10.6 MPH.


At 2:09 today another milestone. With the exception of a fuel filter issue and a blown water pump, the Cummins diesel engines on board WB have performed flawlessly for 6,000 miles.


DAMN! Debbie isn’t here!! Publishers Clearing House is trying to reach her!!!


In the image below you can see where WB and her crew ended up after 8 hours underway. They ran 68 miles from Killarney, Ontario to Meldrum Bay, still in Ontario Canada. Weather looks pretty iffy for tomorrow morning but the winds die down in the afternoon. At this time their goal is to make De Tour Village which will bring them back to US waters. It is a run of about 45 miles. Should they wait for the winds to die down they will have to run at cruise speed (19 MPH) in order to arrive early enough. Weather really turns nasty Friday and Saturday so it would be great to lie up in De Tour as it is a pretty neat spot to spend a few days.


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