Socked in at Meldrum Bay

September 12

The plan was for our intrepid sailors to depart Meldrum Bay this afternoon as the winds were to lay down for calm seas for a 45 mile run to De Tour. At 2 this afternoon white caps could still be seen on the water so Whisky Business will stay put until Sunday (maybe). This great little (I mean REALLY little) town has, count ’em, only 34 residents.

Debbie found something to celebrate, or she and Sue just got thirsty.


Forecast for the next 2 days calls for high winds so Dave and Sue got WB all snugged in to the dock using every cleat, line and fender available. Master of the Vessel was busy snapping photo’s and opening bottle/s of Champagne.




One good thing about high winds, they blew the clouds away. While the weather in southern Canada is about 6 weeks ahead of Louisville, the afternoon turned into a nice, albeit cool day in the 50’s


God love her, she tries. Deb is not great with a camera. The following 2 photos are of the home of the lighthouse keeper during Prohibition.  The current owner who is the 5th owner since Prohibition tells a great story about the house. Way back when during Prohibition the story goes a group of whisky runners hit a rock and bent a prop shaft on their boat. The lighthouse keeper being a very good boat mechanic told ’em he could fix it. Took a few days. Upon completion of the job the lighthouse keeper invites the whisky runners to a bonfire and dinner including lots of whisky. A “drunk front’ comes through and while everyone is having a great time the lighthouse keepers boys off load the whisky and hide it in a secret hole in their basement. Whisky runners get to Chicago and uh-oh, no whisky. Their boss, Al Capone ain’t too happy. Sez he’s gonna go back to Meldrum Bay and get that lighthouse keeper. Never does. Great story nevertheless.








The little rock formations on top of the boulders are known as “cairns”. Building one with rocks that are found nearby brings luck. I hope the crew of WB built about a hundred of ’em.


Dinner time. Debbie, Sue and Capn. Dave head to the Meldrum Inn for dinner. Ceasar salad looks pretty good.


As does the local smoked trout appetizer. Bear in mind they started with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Champagne.


Not to be outdone, I had Nick, Haley and Brett over for dinner. Filet for Haley, Strip steaks for Nick, Brett and me along with absolutely killer, better than Aunt Janet, Twice Baked Potatoes. They drank Veuve. We drank Premiere Napa Valley Canard Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2011. Only 60 bottles of this magnificent example of the winemakers art were produced. One upmanship right?


Wrong. See below. Apple Pie trumps EVERYTHING.


Great sunset.




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