Jerry Goes GOLD!

October 31-November 3

Gold SPARKLES that is. As usual I failed to bring a pair of “cheaters” to dinner so I was unable to read the menu. Fortunately a fellow Looper lent me her gold sparkly glasses. Lookin’ pretty good, huh?

Took a ride to the Cumberland Lock with GTB’s courtesy car. This is one of the Propellers they use in the dam to move water.

Explained better here.

Barkley dam.

Left Green Turtle Bay Marina just after first light. 360 miles to Louisville.

Our first lock, at the Barkley dam. Clear skies departing GTB and all systems go once the doors open.

A view looking up the lock wall. A 57′ lift.

Yep, a clear day. Uhhh, is that a cloud waiting for us to leave the lock chamber?

Oh hell no. A wall of fog. We moved under the bridge but absolutely no visibility. Came back to the dam, dropped the anchor in a fast current and waited for the fog to burn off.

Current on the Cumberland was almost as fast as the Mississippi when we came out of the lock.

Leftovers for breakfast. Steak and Biscuits!

Lot of quarries on the Cumberland.

Current gave us quite a boost.

Fall colors on the cliffs.

Water like glass.

Cumberland is such a beautiful river. Last August when we made our way down it was really hot and all I remember is water, mud and trees.

This is where we made the turn onto the Ohio River.

And now we are traveling upstream. Like going uphill.

Our home for the night at a restaurant dock in Elizabethtown Illinois. Boat was bigger than the restaurant!

2nd time we saw the Statue of Liberty on the Loop. An overlook of the river in Elizabethtown.

Civil War memorial in front of the town hall.

The obelisk in the left of the photo is a memorial to Elizabethtown lost sons in WWI, WWII and the VietNam wars.

Main Street.

A 7AM departure from E-Town after an hour wait for the fog to burn off. With no fog we could have been underway by 6:15.

Car ferry crossing the river.

Remember that great Bluegrass song Muhlenburg County?

Daddy won’t ya take me back to Muhlenburg County,

Down by the Green River where Paradise Lay.

Well I’m sorry my son, you’re too late in asking,

Mr Peabody’s coal train done hauled it away.

Well there’s the Peabody Coal Company from that song.

Made it to Inland Marina in Evansville, Indiana. last fuel bill. Sorry can’t figure out how to rotate.

Another early start headed to an anchorage 80 miles from Louisville.

Party in the Boone Hollow bend of the river, Whisky Business and 5 tows (red and green triangles).

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