Not really good-bye, more like, Till the Next Time!

November 4, 2019

Our last sunset on our Great Loop adventure was in Alton, Indiana. This sunset just kept getting better. Stunning!

To truly enjoy a great sunset, great Champagne is required.

Barges everywhere.

The Overlook Restaurant in Leavenworth, Indiana. If you have never been there it is a lovely drive and you will be rewarded with great fried chicken.

There is a “boat load” of money tied up in these tug boats.

Getting close, Ceasars Gambling boat in New Albany.

Growning up on North 39th street in the West End of Louisville, these smoke stacks were a part of our everyday vista.

Entry into our last lock in the Portland area of the West End of Louisville. How many locks did we go through in the last year? Gotta be close to 100.

Sherman Minton bridge from Louisville to New Albany. We used to drag race across this bridge.

New Albany, Indiana

Video of the McAlpine Lock and entering downtown Louisville.

My buddy Glenn Glaser was kind enough to come down to the lock and get some photo’s of WB. Glenn was one of my best friends in high school. I went on to sell whisky. Glenn went on to make whisky. Old Forester Kentucky Bourbon Whisky? Yup, Glenn made it as the Plant Manager for the Early Times Distillery in Shively. Glenn and his wife Bev went to Napa with us a few years ago. Winemakers out there wanted to kiss his ring.

Ever so gently I have to manuever WB’s 46,000 lbs to the concrete wall of the lock. WB is not equiped with bow or stern thrusters. Thrusters? We don’ need no stinking thrusters!

Crew of Whisky Business posing on the bow waiting for the lock to fill.

Doors open and off we go on the last leg of our journey.

Photo reminiscent of the one Dan Meyer took of Whisky Business 14 months ago as we passed under the I-65 Bridge on the first day of our Loop. Headed in the opposite direction in this photo.

Downtown Louisville, Kentucky.

Glenn’s trip home paralleled ours along River Road.

Lewis and Clark Bridge in eastern Louisville.

The entrance to Harrod’s Creek off the Ohio River. The CQ Princess on the right of the photo.

Short ride up the creek to our marina. Love this photo. Thanks Glenn!!!

Entrance to Captain’s Quarters Marina.

Entering the marina with my mermaid on the bow preparing her lines for docking.

We used every inch of dock space. My friend Joe Jarles from Kentuckiana Yacht Services leased me this dock space. Joe, be carefull getting in your dinghy.

This chapter of the adventures of Whisky Business and crew comes to an end. During the next year we have some maintenance to perform and some upgrades. Since we are the 5th owners of this boat in it’s 25 years of life there some overdue issues that need to be addressed. Getting the fuel injectors rebuilt and adjusting the valves on the engines should take care of the soot issue we have. Better fuel economy will be a result. She came from the factory with a Sub Zero refrigerator and freezer and they are at the end of their lives so looking at replacing those. Debbie wants to redo the saloon interior.

After that we are toying with the idea of doing most of the Loop again, but sticking to our original plan of a 3 year cruise (3 summer cruise more like it). The plan is to get to the Bahama’s and spend more time on the east coast. Visiting Montreal and Quebec in Canada will be at the top of the list.

We shall see.

3 thoughts on “Not really good-bye, more like, Till the Next Time!”

  1. Welcome home and well done! Loved following your beautiful, exasperating, stressful and perfect journey with you. Happy you are back home safe, dry and warm.


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