Loop II, Day 1

October 3

All systems GO! After almost a year of blood, sweat & tears (AND DOLLARS!) we cast off lines this morning on our next adventure. 2020 will find us getitng Whisky Business to our Florida home, Burnt Store Marina in Punta Gorda. We just love those direct $50 Allegiant flights.
Left Captain’s Quarters Marina just after 8 on what appeared to be a great day to cruise.

Pulled into Harrod’s Creek with just a smattering of light fog on the surface.
Got a phone call from a fellow name of Justin Kidd, Captain of Knot Kiddin’ who did the Loop back in ‘18. He finished when we started our first Loop. He saw our Gold Looper burgee (little flag on the bow of the boat), looked us up on the AGLCA website and gave us a call. Took this great shot as we passed Knights of Columbus on River Road. Looking forward to shaking his hand when we drive home in November to vote.
Pulled into the river and saw this wall of fog. Well, for shit’s sake, the plan was to run 60 miles to our anchorage at Blue River near Leavenworth, Indiana. We noticed upriver at the east end bridge the fog was lifting rather quickly so we turned on the radar, sounded our VERY LOUD horn every 2 minutes and idled downriver for not very long until the fog began to lift.
Looking forward to fist bumping when we return in November to vote.

By the time we got downtown we were greeted with this view.
Fog? What fog??

We then had to wait a spell for a tow array to get through the McAlpine lock in front of us. After that, smooth sailin’
The Ohio is a working river.
Saw these fishermen and slowed to idle speed. The wake from WB woulda capsized these guys.
At first glance ya might think, gee, Debbie is a swell First Mate (Admiral, actually as there would be no Whisky Business without her blessing), she fixed her captain lunch. Take a closer look, she made one sandwich with TWO TOPS and the other with TWO BOTTOMS! It’s not me, right? It’s her, right???
Our anchorage for the night.
Ya gotta love boaters! We had been at anchor for maybe 20 minutes when these 3 groups show up on their way to a bourbon tasting. When they saw Whisky Business from Bourbontown, USA they came a calling. Great folks, they tried to get Debbie and I to go to a bourbon tasting with them. Getting back to WB after dark following a bourbon tasting? On a boat?? We decided to stay put for the night. Great folks!
Great chicken wings for dinner with secret Donnie Kennedy seasoning.
Corn on the cob and one of Debbie’s great salads made for a great meal on the river.

6 thoughts on “Loop II, Day 1”

  1. The photos are great, must have a new camera or possibly it has been so long since I have seen anything out side of my little part of the world.


  2. And just like that They were gone, and A Dock is just not the same, Calm Waters, Safe Voyage, and lots of Fun, I just don’t understand how Debbie married such a Cool Guy, I deem Jerry Funtastic!


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