Loop II, Day 2

October 4

Long day, 91 miles to Owensboro, Ky. Ya know, if they ever straighten out the Ohio River…

Got an email from a fellow by the name of Greg Gordon. He took this photo of Whisky Business as we passed Magnet, Indiana.
Thanks Greg!

Most of the day was rather gloomy, overcast, no sun and a lot of wind. White caps even. Fortunately very uneventful. Approaching the Cannelton Lock and Dam we noticed there were 3 tow arrays (barges) in front of us but the lock master informed us there were only 3 fishing boats in the auxiliary chamber and they were gonna wait for us.

These guys just float around willy nilly while we tie up to the wall. The moment the doors start to open these guys are OFF!

There is a movie that Debbie really likes, Talledaga Nights with Will Ferrel. Seen it?
She kept yellin’ at me, “Put the bumper to ‘im!”

We are in a beautiful anchorage behind an island across the river from Owensboro, Ky. Anchored in 12 feet of water and the island protects us from the wakes of tows. Gonna be a very good night for sleeping.
Shot from the bow. Images of the sunset were from the stern. Scroll down.
With the proper medication of course!

The sun began to set while we grilled pork chops and imbibed in a bottle of bubbles.
Check out this wonderful series as the sun set:

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