Green Turtle Bay

October 8

Our first layover as we head to Florida, Green Turtle Bay Marina in Grand Rivers, Ky. There is an attraction in Grand Rivers called Patti’s Settlement that has a restaurant rather famous for it’s 2” thick pork chops. When we crossed our wake here last year we were traveling with 6 other Loop boats and we had them all jonesin’ for a Patti’s pork chop. Alas, they were still closed due to a fire a yar before. Deb called for reservations last night and was told. Our only option was 2:45 this afternoon. We’ll see.
Not a very good photo, but pretty cool nonetheless. We saw this formation a number of times yesterday. A large C130 (C is for cargo) transport plane being escorted by 3 helicopters. Made a LOT of noise.
The above 2 photo’s show our departure from the Mighty Ohio on to the much narrower Cumberland for a 30 mile ride to Green Turtle Bay.

At this point we have traveled 357 miles. We refueled upon our arrival yesterday with 216 gallons. Before bedtime we would run the generator for a couple of hours to recharge the batteries and run it again for a bit in the morning to make coffee and heat the boat as mornings have been a bit cool. Even with running the genset twice daily we are averaging 1.65 miles per gallon. Frankly, that’s pretty darn good for a boat that weighs 40,000 pounds or 20 tons. I attribute this to the rebuilt fuel injectors and having the valves and throttles adjusted. Our engine advisor is a fella by the name of Chris Harden, The “Cummins Whisperer”

Nothing drives Debbie more bat shit crazy than stink bugs (‘cept spiders). Damn things find us anywhere!
Getting 10’000 steps in while traveling on a boat requires a little imagination.
In most lock chambers the bollard (floating device recessed in a lock wall that you tie up to) tends to be deck height for Whisky Business. In the John Muir Lock it was lower than the deck and Debbie was not comfortable with the setup as she feared our loop would slip off. She tied off the lower loop and placed a line on the upper bollard to secure the boat.

The lock chamber walls are covered with little mollusks. If you watch them closely you can see them opening and closing. Yeah, we get starved for entertainment.

Following are some photo’s we took along the way.

Ya learn sumthin’ new everyday. See the verical pole mounted on the front of the barge? The leading barge in all tow arrays have one of these. It is a hard wired depth sounder. Captain needs to know how deep the water is way out in front of him.
There are a lot of rock quarries along the rivers. Here is a huge dumptruck loading a barge with rock.

2 thoughts on “Green Turtle Bay”

  1. This KIND girl is becoming a REAL SMART & IMPORTANT boater!!!
    How about meeting us( Janet & I) in Savannah for a boat ride???
    Oh yes, probably not happening since it takes 2 days just to reach Owensboro on the water.


  2. Jerry, how is the Crew Moral holding Up? You don’t want a Mutiny at least not until You get to Demopolis, Alabama. You might want to tell some jokes to keep things lively on Board, like what’s along the River thats BIG Red and Eats Rocks, a BIG Red Rock Eater, tha-thump, take My Wife Please, Aayyyyy I get NO RESPECT, I’ll be here all Month, so keep it Lively and don’t worry about the Cost of Diesel, You can’t put a price on Happiness or maybe You can. Great Pics and congrats on the completion of the First Leg of the Return Loop. You all Rock ! @ WhiskyBusiness


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