Loop II, Day 3

October 5

Like Day 1 leaving Louisville we had to wait for the fog to lift this morning Got underway by 8:30.
Turned into a stunning day for cruising. No wind and smooth seas.
Twenty miles from our anchorage we had to lock thru the Newburgh Lock just NE of Evansville, In. Shared the lock wiwth this tug pushing a barge with a crane.
The lockmaster and the captain of this tug were kind enough to wait for WB to arrive. Also let us out of the chamber first.

Life always finds a way…This little guy is growning half way up/down the lock wall.
Came across this dredge. Saw a lot of these things on our previous Loop but never saw one with a barge to catch the dredged up material.
Downtown Evansville. The homme of LST 325, a tank landing ship from WWII.
I suspect it took a while of offload a tank so these things bristled with large caliber guns.
This little guy right here is a remote control for the multifunction display screen. We use it for the autopilot feature. Not so clear in this photo are 2 buttons near the top of the unit. Press the button on the left and the boat will turn 1 degree to the left. Press and hold for a second and it will turn 10 degrees to the left. Same thing with the button on the right. Had to replace the 2 year old batteries today and all was fine. For about an hour. Pressed the right button briefly to get a 1 degree turn to the right and the AP just kept going. Did a crazy Ivan. Had to disable the AP very quickly. Works just fine as long as I leave this little critter alone. May have to reboot with my 3 pound hammer.
Check out how smooth the river is.
75 miles downriver from our anchorage of last night is the town of Mount Vernon, Indiana. Named in honor of George Washington. Got off the boat after 3 days of cruising. Check out this lil’ missy in front of this pretty cool mural.
Beautiful courthouse. Below are photo’s of the monument in the forefront of the courthouse
The landscaping around the courthouse was well cared for.
We were looking for an anchorage for the evening and noticed the town of Mount Vernon had a new, free dock. Called the city to inquire and was told first come, first served. Good thing we were first cuz we pretty much took the whole darn thing.
You may have noticed that there is no longer a dinghy on WB. Ours was 11 years old and leaking air so time for a new one. We are upgrading to a Zodiac dinghy that we will pick up in South Carolina in January. We will have to rent a truck in Florida to pick it up.

I saved the Best for Last
On day 2 we saw 2 eagles on the bank. One flew off by the time I got the camera.
Truly magnificent!

2 thoughts on “Loop II, Day 3”

  1. Does this ever get boring? It seems everyday holds a memory, seeing the eagles had to be the memory of the day. I had assumed you would have made reservations ahead for a dock location, interesting hearing you are able to stop whenever and don’t have to follow a schedule. What a life


    1. Hey Stella, cruising at 9-10 mph can get a bit tedious. However, the scenery is always changing. We are anxious to get to Green Turtle Bay at the top of Lake Barkley for a few days. Yes, with marina’s reservations must be made. Not so when anchoring.


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