“Like a big ‘ol drunk rock”

October 21

At 7:30 Julie emerged from the forward stateroom and when asked how she slept, the title of this post was her response. These 2 folks are full of these gems. Last night while pouring his last bourbon for the night, Milton was asked if he was having a good time. “I haven’t had this much fun since the pigs ate my baby brother”. It’s gonna be different without these guys on board for entertainment.

Listening to favorite songs last night and Julie came up with a winner.

Today (Wednesday) was spent on maintenance and chores. The Schaeffers left at 9 so by 10 I was in the engine room changing the oil and filters on the 2 main engines and the generator, a 3 hour task. Not terribly difficult as there is a pump that is connected to all 3 diesel engines which allows me to draw the spent oil out of each engine and then also fills each engine. Not very fast. It could/would go faster if the oil was warm. Problem is, that would mean the engines would be warm too. Warm engine rooms are a bit above 100 degrees. So there I sit, in the confines of my engine room waiting for the engines to drain 12 gallons of oil and then refill 12 gallons of oil. Should not have to deal with that task again for awhile. The “Cummins Whisperer” recommends 200 operating hours between oil changes on the main engines and 100 on the generator. We took on 250 gallons of fuel upon our arrival and I just added 100 gallons of fresh water to our water tanks.

Debbie spent the day stripping the beds and remaking them.

The bed in the forward cabin is wedged into the “V” of the bow. Making the bed in the front of a boat is a royal pain in the behind as you can’t walk all the way forward to the head of the bed.
Making the bed in the aft cabin (the back of the boat) is a breeze. One of the “must have” features we looked for when we were shopping for a boat was an aft cabin. If the master were in the front of the boat, it meant when sleeping while at anchor there was constant water slapping the front of the boat. A boat, like a home is a series of compromises.

After I finished with the 3 hour task in the engine room I was in dire need of a shower so I went to the laundry room which also had showers. Started 2 loads, took a shower and while waiting for the drying cycle read up on Jack Reacher as he kicked ass across the West.

When all the chores were finished we just relaxed the remainder of the day.

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