Put the brakes on in Alabama

October 24

Our friends Milton and Julie left us on Tuesday and prior to that our other Looper buds Carey and Keri had only been able to visit a short time. Carey is a terribly interesting fellow. He worked for Trojan BOATS (not the other thing, filthy mind!) a boat manufacturing company for a time as well as Chrysler Motors. We were having a discussion about our diesel engines one evening and he came up with a great example of torque. You have all heard of this measurement of power but not all of us know what this measurement actually is. In Carey’s terms, it is the energy required to break the seal of a stuck jar of pickles. Horsepower is how you measure how fast you open it once the seal is broken.


Captain Obvious, ya gotta love him!

When we got to Demopolis we were anxious to get started again to get to Mobile Bay and beyond. Our plan was/is to get to Fort Walton, Florida where we will leave Whisky Business for a week or so to get home to vote and celebrate our daughter’s birthday. Rain and thunderestorms were forecast for yesterday and today.
This is the system that passed through last night. Fortunately we had moved WB into a covered slip earlier in the day. About 3 O’clock this morning…
It sounded like this. Have you ever slept in a home with a metal roof?

There is a tropical depression forming in the Gulf that is expected to form into a hurricane so here we sit, probably till the middle of next week.

This image if from the NOAA and it shows the broad path of the approaching weather. Hurricane season lasts till November 30th so proper planning is neccessary to insure the safety of the crew and WB. When we came through this area in 2018 Hurricane Michael had devastated the Florida panhandle a month before my brother Jim and I came through in late November. If you scroll back through those posts from 2018 there were numerous photo’s of buildings covered in blue tarps and LOTS of boats cast up on shore or on docks in marinas.

So here we sit. Saturday. There is not a car rental agency open on the weekend as far away as Tuscaloosa. We thought we would grab a car and come home for a few days while waiting but no chance.

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