Longest 2 Days…EVER

December 6

On Saturday morning we woke to a wee bit of fog otherwise a great travel day/s. We ran 68 miles from our Anchorage just east of Panama City on Wetappo Creek to Carabelle where we would wait for a good weather window to cross the 160 miles of open water in the Gulf of Mexico. We did not have to wait long as no sooner had we arrived at Carabelle that we found our weather window was quickly approaching, like 1 hour later. Found a great burger joint across the street from our marina, stuck one down our necks, jumped back on the boat and within the hour we started what turned out to be a 174 mile, 22 hour run. 242 miles in 31 hours. Debbie, Dave and I deserve some kind of medal!
Whisky Business with mustache taking a well deserved 1 hour respite prior to our overnite Gulf crossing
We had been underway for 6 and a half hours with 55 miles behind us when this photo was taken. All of the numbers in blue circles are boats that use this NEBO boat locator app, most of which are Loopers.
This derelict vessel was here from Hurricane Michael when we came through in 2018.
Our friends, Marvin and Nancy Wehl on Crimson Tug leading the way.
Sunset as we began the crossing.
The above 2 images were our view from the flybridge during the first 6 hours of the crossing. Complete black out. Nuttin to see, except the Star of Marvin. Our friends Marvin and Nancy on Crimson Tug were the lead boat in our 2 boat flotilla. Their navigation light was the only pinpoint of light to see.
And then…
this brilliant wedge of moon appeared around 10:30 pm. A bright halloween orange moon made it’s appearance. Before the moonrise we could not see anything including the water.
Dave found a way to get comfortable.
Could not get a slip in Tarpon Springs so we moved on to Clearwater.

The Municipal marina in Clearwater is a pretty jumping place, even in December.

VIDEO HERE (remember, if you are viewing this blog from an email, you won’t see the accompanying videos UNLESS you go to http://mvwhiskybusiness.com.
Pirates everywhere! Ya know what a pirates favorite letter is? Your thinking “RRRRRR” aren’t ya? Well ya might think so, but it’s really the SEA/C!!!

One thought on “Longest 2 Days…EVER”

  1. Glad to see you guys made it safe across. Lord knows you have had your challenges lately! Sure wish I was cruising alongside!


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