Whisky Business has ENTERED THE BUILDING!!!

December 9

Finally, 2 months and 4 days after departing Captain’s Quarters Marina in Louisville, Ky. Whisky Business arrivd at our winter destination , Burnt Store Marina in Punta Gorda, Fl. Actually we only traveled 21 out of the last 57 days but then there were 2 hurricanes, Thanksgiving and Covid that got in the way.
Only problem with arriving in the early afternoon was we were at low tide. Our sonar only showed 1.4 feet of water beneath the keel. Actually there is another 1.5 feet of depth as I have a bit of a fudge factor built in to the sonar.
This is a photo from our first night at anchor just above Leavenworth, Indiana. The occupants of these 3 boats were on their way to a bourbon tasting and when they saw the name on our transom…Man, it seems like ages ago!

We left Clearwater after a little debauchery involving 3 bottles of Champagne, 5 Manhattans and a great meal with our friends the Cassaro’s who drove up from their winter home in Dunedin. Can’t believe none of us took a selfie to commemorate the event.

Last night our plan was to stay in a marina about 6 miles north of Venice where we were assured there was plenty of water to get into the marina from the ICW. We were told by the marina manager to not arrive until after 4pm so there tide would have come in enough to give us enough water to enter. Since we did not want to arrive too early we departed Clearwater at 9:30. Made the turn off the ICW and no water under us. The sun is setting, about 5:30 with full on dark in about 30 minutes. We turned up the heat in the engine room and scooted down to Venice where we found a marina that was closed but the fuel dock was empty. Tied up there for the night and all was good. Our plan was to depart at first light, long before the marina staff would arrive. No one would have known the better and we would have saved over a hundred bucks, but we are firm believers in karma. Called the number on the door and paid $2.50/foot for our overall length of 53 feet.
We slept in this morning and got underway at 7:30 this morning arriving at
Boca Grande marina to top off the fuel tanks with 175 gallons of diesel fuel.

Check this out, see the difference in the color of the water? Tide coming in!

Found this on Debbie’s phone. She’s gonna kill me for this! I mean, she took the selfie, right?

Following are some photo’s of our cruise the last few days.

After arriving at our slip we walked to our condo, got the golf cart and started unloading all of the supplies we had laid in. Had lunch, went back to the condo and took a power nap.

Made one more trip to the boat to bring back more stuff to the condo and got this great shot.

Have some maintenance to perform as we have just completed 1600 miles to get here from Louisville. Will keep you apprised.

3 thoughts on “Whisky Business has ENTERED THE BUILDING!!!”

  1. Thanks for the Blog. I loved reading your adventures. Looked like an awesome trip! Hopefully when you are back in town Covid is waning off and we can start back up our Wednesday night Mexican!!


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