St. Augustine, Florida

May 14

View from the flybridge in our slip at St. Augustine Municipal Marina.
Ran for almost 9 hours yesterday to only go 68 miles. So many”No Wake” zones means idle speed for us, around 6mph. Pretty maddening. Add to that we had 10 to 15 mph winds from the north (thankfully), but it made for a loud ride. Since we were running 9-10 mph into those 10-15 winds, the boat was essentially in 20-25 mph winds.

During our stay in New Smyrna we had dinner with these great folks, Stella and Rollin Mcqueery. Great folks from Cambelsville, Ky. Rollin is the kind of guy that really pisses me off. Almost 80 and virtually no gray hair and looks like he’s maybe 50. Pretty active fella as he still performs referee duties for high school basketball and volleyball. wonderful folks, these 2, really glad we got to see ‘em.

Woke up to find this guy on our fender board. If Debbie had seen him first she probably would have jumped ship! Don’t blame the little fella, small crabs are on the menu of lots of large fish.

RYesterday on our way to St. A we had to traverse a couple of bridges that we could not squeeze under. Both times the bridge tenders opened the bridges immediately upon our call. That was great as sitting in a 10-15 mph wind is kinda tough since it can blow you into shallow water if ya don’t pay really close attention. Notice the left side of the bridge did not open? that side of the bridge was inoperable but plenty of room for the sail catamaran and Whisky Business to get through.

Really gloomy day yesterday but the clouds and wind kept the temp just below 70 degrees. First day since we left Burnt Store that we did not sweat all day long.

Pretty sad, we saw so many derelict boats yesterday, At one point there were about 6 abandoned boats.

A 50+ foot motor yacht abandoned at anchor.

This morning the winds are still 10+mph. Below are a couple of photo’s from our slip in the marina.

Outside the marina:

Inside the marina:

This is the dock in front of WB. Water is like glass in the marina.

And now the Piece’ de Resistance!

These fine folks are Tim and Katie Lane from the sailing vessel Pangur Ban. We met them on our 18/19 Loop and they are docked across the fairway from us. Debbie thinks she remembers Tim from when he was a Chippendale dancer. Katie is a fabulous videographer and she took a short video as Whisky Business and crew entered the marina yesterday. She put it together with a video she shot at our Wake Crossing celebration in October of 2019 at Green Turtle Bay. I think there were 7 boats with us when we crossed our wake.
In Katie’s video you see us open this bottle of Woodford that we brought on board when we started our Loop. We opened it and shared with our flotilla from that eventful day.

Unfortunately if you opened this post from your email, you will not be able to see Katie’s video.
Go to: and the video will play there. Be sure to turn up the sound as Katie has great taste in music. Quite fun!

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