A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Jacksonville

July 20, 2021

On our way to jacksonville we did some housekeeping and when we moved the table on the aft deck we heard something hit the floor. Some nefarious guest was hiding their domino’s under the table. I am not smart enough to do that. Deb and I are racking our brains trying to figure out who the culprit/s is/are.

Fortunately, an uneventful run to J’ville, but got some pretty nice photo’s of the trip.

Upon our arrival in J’ville we procured a slip in Lamb’s Marina. The only marina with covered slips that I have ever seen that was not on one of the inland rivers.

Our dock mates, Conrad and Linda Marks aboard Watermarks, a 46’ Carver/Californian that they meticulously maintain. One day I caught Conrad polishing his…FENDERS! Told ‘im to cut it out cuz Debbie might see him and get ideas. They were packing their car to head home and leaving the boat during hurricane season.

While in Jacksonville, we took a 130 mile drive to Savannah and spent a couple of nights in a hotel. A nice respite from the boat.
Our room faced the Savannah River and one night Debbie wakes up as she hears this very deep rumble. She looks out the window and a massive container vessel cruises by. Next day I get a video of another one with over 3000 containers! Those containers are the size of a tractor trailer.
You will have to visit http://mvwhiskybusiness.com to see the following video.
We spent an evening walking around Savannah, such a cool town.

Next day we were jonesin’ for some BarBQ so we found this spot on Tripadvisor

After lunch we headed to Tybee Island on the Georgia coast where the Savannah River enters the Atlantic Ocean.

Now, about that “Funny Thing…” It has been awhile since our last post. Coupla months back while we were anchored out at Cape Canaveral we came to a decision. It was time for Whisky Business to find a new Captain and Crew. We had always wanted to cruise the Bahama’s but they were closed due to Covid. Ditto for Canada. As much as we have enjoyed the cruisiing lifestyle it has its shortcomings. We were losing touch with our friends back home as we would spend spring, summer and fall on the boat and winter at our Florida home. Missed family something terrible! In order to cruise the Bahamas and Canadian waters we would have to wait another year for everything to open up (maybe). We are just not as commited to the cruisiing lifestyle as others so it was time to sell.

Nine years ago I decided (me, not Debbie) that we were going to do the Great Loop. For 4 years, every morning over coffee I searched the interweb for suitable candidates. We looked in the Great Lakes, Florida, everywhere east of the Mississippi. One day I find a boat only 90 miles away in Cincinnatti. Deb sez this is the one. She became the fantastic vessel Whisky Business. Such a brilliant choice. Built by the folks at Kentuckiana Yachts in Jeffersonville. We had the brain trust for these boats at our fingertips. Those guys gave me a skillset whereas I never had to hit the “Oh Shit” button. On top of that I made some great friends there too.

Upon our arrival in Jacksonville we placed an ad on the Great Loop Forum. Three days later we had an interested party. Within a week we had a deposit. As of 4:30 on July 19 Whisky Business had a new Captain and Crew.

Meet Captain Doug Pelton and First Mate Judi Chapman. Judi is the reason we allowed Doug to buy the boat. They came to inspect the boat after hiring a broker to do an ititial inspection. Took ‘em for a ride and decided they would be the perfect couple to take over WB. They will be changing the name to “Mobile Home” as Doug owns trailer parks.

Deb and I are already talking about our next boat, something that can be trailered to great cruisiing areas and has outboard engines. I gotta tell ya, as much as I love Whisky Business, I am tired of crawling around the engine room.

Name of the next boat…I’ll Have Another, WHISKY BUSINESS.

Ya know, there is a saying, the best 2 days in a boaters life is the day you buy it and the day you sell it. Not so. This boat, which is nothing more than a compilation of hardware, systems, fiberglass, wires and really heavy stuff was our home for the last 3 cruising seasons. She is so much more than that. For over 10,000 miles (at 9MPH) she took care of us in seas that I would never dream of going out in, but ended up there anyway. Did we shed a tear when we left her? Betcherass we did. Always kept us safe. Doug and Judi have promised to take good care of her during their time with her.

There is another chapter to Debbie, Jerry and Whisky Business however. In early August Deb and I will take a 4 day cruise with Doug and Judi to acclimate them to WB. We are looking forward to one last cruise, BURNING SOMEONE ELSES FUEL!!!!

9 thoughts on “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Jacksonville”

  1. Well said Jerry! I had feelings similar to yours when giving up Chrysalis, although Deb wasn’t quite ready to stop cruising.

    Deb and I wish you and Debbie all the best on your future adventures. So glad we had the opportunity to meet and travel with you folks and I hope our paths cross again!


    1. Thanks for the kind words Gil! Please give Debbie our love. I just can’t understand why boaters want a washer/dryer on their boats. If not for my dirty skivvies I may not have met your beloved! Say hi to Alex for me!


  2. Your dreams and adventures will continue, because you are both into truly living life. Glad I got to meet Whisky Business and see you both in your happy place.


    1. Hey Stella, I am already missing that girl. She was my savior and sanctuary especially during Covid. Goal now is just to stay busy until the next adventure. Three weeks in Italy in September! Stay well young lady!


    1. Hi Dave, thanks for the note. I was talking to a couple of your dock neighbors yesterday at AA. Thank you for the heads up on the depth of AA. I had a couple of the guys from KYS dinghy out to the boat and they more or less “augered” that fat bottom girl into the marina. I was NOT gonna be the guy that runs aground and blocks the entrance.


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