Trent Severn Days 8 & 9.

August 1 – 2

Entered the Trent Canal on Thursday. This home sits on the eastern edge of the Canal.

This is the canal. It is narrow and we never saw more than 3 feet of water beneath our boat while in this narrow channel for 2 days. It was grueling and stressful.

You can see the side of the channel. Granite not mud.

At a few points along the way there were some wide spots but there was never much depth.

Can you see the granite outcropping on the left of the photo? Thats a prop eatin’ monster!

This bridge is known as the Hole in the Wall. If the water is perfectly smooth it makes a circle. Boaters will take turns taking pictures of each other in the “circle”. We didn’t as there was just a bit of wind.

Entering a lock. We will be to the left of Idyll Time III.

Floating docks at the top of Talbot Lock. This was our home for the night. Got here in the early afternoon and enjoyed the parklike setting.

Took a swim behind the boats.

Walked around the lock after dinner. These are a few photos of the equipment used to operate the lock.

Had to lay down on the bridge over the dam to take this photo.

Nick and Haley gave us an Instant Pot that we had yet to use. I told Debbie I would fix dinner. Found a recipe that looked pretty good. The description of the recipe said it would be a “creamy” chicken and mushroom dish served over egg noodles. Nothing in the recipe that would make it creamy.

And it wasn’t

Debbie recommended I bring out the one secret weapon that can improve almost any entree.

Worked out just fine.

For breakfast this morning, Debbie and John Neal made fresh blueberry pancakes and fried ham, bologna and bacon. Debbie Rogers scrambled up some eggs. All is right with the world.

Today we started downhill. We start in locks that are full of water and now we are lowered instead of being raised. The last 6 locks will take us down to the Georgian Bay

A short video of Saltaire entering the lock behind Whisky Business. It gives you a pretty good idea of how tight these small locks are and what an able bodied Captain my friend John is. At the end of the video you can see how we fix ourselves to the side of the lock.

The item on the right of the picture is the bow pulpit of Saltaire. A wee bit close as these locks are very small.

Crossing Lake Simcoe on our way to Orillia after the Trent Canal we passed Whiskey Shoal. That’s it in the blue outline on the right.

Folks we had dinner with from Saltaire, Idyll TimeIII, Here’s To Us and My Old Beauty (gotta change the name of that boat!)

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